If you choose to live, create & do business from intuition, flow & inner guidance, this means you have to LET it flow.

ACT on the inspiration you get.
FOLLOW THROUGH on your inspired ideas.
No, you don’t have to implement ALL of your ideas.
If you’re like me, you have more ideas than you could ever implement in this one lifetime.
You cannot say you want to ‘be in the flow’ or ‘go with the flow’, only to not act on your flow, and then wonder why the fuck this going-with-the-flow-thing isn’t working for you.
✨✨✨Yes, it’s working for you. It’s just that YOU don’t work with IT.✨✨✨
If you want your intuition to guide you?
LET it guide you.
If you want to live in and from flow?
LET it flow.
Don’t resist where your flow, your inner guidance, your joy want to take you.
Deep down, you KNOW what you’re called to do right now, today, and this week.
You KNOW it.
What do you feel called to do that you’re resisting?
What if you stopped resisting it and just DID it?
(Resisting takes more energy than letting it flow anyway…)
To flow, baby!
©️ Brigitte van Tuijl
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