Last week Arjen and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Greece.

Before we left, I set the intention this would be our best vacation yet – until now, of course 😉

And it definitely was!


Not only was this the most relaxed holiday I’ve ever had, I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been in general.

I really noticed the difference now before we left for Greece.


I used to feel pretty stressed before I went on holiday.

I quadruple-checked my out-of-office notification to see if it really worked.

Wrote an extra article upfront so my team could send that out while I was away.

And you bet your ass I made sure to be at the airport at least 2,5 hours before the flight was scheduled, just as the airline tells you to.


This year though? NONE of that bullshit.

I didn’t feel inspired to write an extra article upfront, so I didn’t.

And when I told Arjen what time we had to catch the train he looked puzzled and said:

“You DO realize that means we arrive at the airport only ONE hour before our flight, right?”

“I know,” I said, “I figured that’s plenty of time to check in and have a coffee before we board.”


Ha! That’s COMPLETELY new for me 🙂

How this all happened?


Because I CHOSE it. 

Worrying, over thinking, being a control freak, stressing out over things you can’t change or have no control over…

I was DONE with it.


My main goal in life is and has ALWAYS been to live in complete inner freedom.


Like an ancient Tao master who allows life to happen FOR her.

Who lives in the present moment, savors life in every breath, and goes wherever her flow takes her.

Who trusts life, and herself, and doesn’t waste any precious time fretting over things that aren’t worth it.

THAT’S who I choose to be and how I choose to live.


Worry and stress are NOT aligned with freedom and inner peace.

So I consciously decided to let go of that a couple of years ago.


I’m still sinking deeper and deeper into trust, faith, inner quiet and inner freedom.

Learning to find peace in whatever goes on in my business and life, even when the shit hits the fan, especially when the shit hits the fan, has been THE most important thing I’ve learned in the past 5 or so years.

I feel sooooo much better, freer, relaxed and at peace.

I don’t sweat the small stuff and I don’t dwell on the ‘big’ stuff.

Well, sure, sometimes I still do.

I may have become like a Tao master, but I’m still technically human 😉


And I am 100% sure that learning to relax in each moment has been THE key to better results in my business as well.

Being present and feeling peaceful is exactly what you need to be in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom.

It gives you the clarity you need to make the best decisions possible.

It helps you feel what’s right for you, and what you TRULY want in each moment or situation.


You don’t have to be born with your Zen-gene switched ON to be able to do this, thankfully –

You can LEARN to feel relaxed and at peace, no matter what.



The best & easiest way is this:

Take a minute, or 30 seconds even, several times per day to sink into the present moment:

Stop what you’re doing.

Take several deep breaths.

Take a moment to consciously notice what you see, hear, feel, smell.


That’s it.

When you’re present in this moment, with all of your focus and attention, you feel at peace.

You feel that all is well.

And even if you only do this several times per day (you can set a reminder on your phone), you’ll notice you’ll start to feel more relaxed throughout the day.


Try it!

If that’s what you like and choose, of course.

Feel free to stay hyped up and stressed out if that’s your preferred state of being 😉


As a little sign in one of the Greek restaurants we went to last week said:

Relax. Life is good.




©️Brigitte van Tuijl

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