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Sometimes you’re not sure if you’re going in the right direction or are doing the right thing.

How can you find out if you are, or need to change or course correct?

Here’s one way to do it:

Ask for the evidence.


Ask the universe / your soul / your higher self / your intuition / the faeries in the woods / or whomever else you feel called to address, to:

cyclone show you evidence you’re on the right track (and to also show you if you’re not);

cyclone give you proof that an action you took was the right one;

cyclone give you signs that show you that clients, money or sales are on their way; etc.



cyclone The answer ALWAYS comes – be open to receive it;

cyclone Be open to receive answers from ALL kinds of sources, likely and unlikely (Lyrics in a song. Lines in a movie. A sudden idea. Etc.)

cyclone Don’t be attached to how or when the answer will come, or what the answer might be;

cyclone Ask for clear, easy to understand & easy to implement answers.


I just experienced how great this works again myself:

I set up healing energy for the women in my Divinely Selfish Community this weekend.

And suddenly I started doubting it.

Would the women who tap into the energy really notice it?


So I told the universe: bring me evidence that it works, that it made a difference for someone.

And then I let go and focused on something else.

30 minutes later I opened my email.

One of my 1-1 clients, who is also a member of the Divinely Selfish Community, sent me an email about her experience with the healing I set up.

What she experienced was profound and deep.


Damn! This shit works, baby.

Both the energy work I do AND asking for the evidence 🙂


How can you play with this manifesting tool, {{firstname}}?

What would you like to see proof of or get guidance on?

Ask for it. Play with it. And be open to receive insights & answers…


©️Brigitte van Tuijl

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