Manifesting, creation, or reaching your goals always works the same:

Align with your desire, and what you want will manifest for you at some point.

Being aligned means that your thoughts, feelings, actions, energy, focus & words are all pointing in the same direction:

towards the thing you want to receive.

This, in a nutshell, is how getting what you want works in general.


then there are millions of tools & tricks that help you get to that point of alignment…

That’s where the confusion starts.

Some people swear by journaling and writing about what you want as if you already have it.

Some people say that you must visualize your success and create a vision board.

Some people love tool A to shift your beliefs, others think that all you need is tool B – and there are hundreds more tools that can help you with that.

There are SO many things you can do – and as a result many people hop from one program to the next, read book after book, and they keep learning about one tool or modality after the other.

Hoping to find that ONE secret you don’t know yet, that will help you manifest alllllll your heart’s desires.

When really, there’s only ONE path to get what you want:

Find what works for YOU – and consistently implement it.


It’s THAT simple.

Pick something, ANYTHING, that you like and that works for you.

I for example love writing. I love working with energy. I love pulling cards.

Yes, I learned (about) many, MANY tools, methods & modalities over the years that help you heal, shift, transform, change your beliefs, etc. etc.

But everything I use comes down to those three things.

And I make sure to align myself to my intentions & dreams daily – and take inspired actions from that feeling of alignment.

(OK: I do this MOST days. I do have days where I don’t feel like it; think I don’t have time; or just ‘forget’ to do it. Which only happens when I’m sabotaging myself.

But in general, yes, I do this every morning.)


I always write in my journal.

What I write, how I write, how long I write, what kind journaling I do: that changes all the time.

But the tool itself – writing myself into alignment with my intentions & dreams – is something I consistently do.

Combined with playing with energy and pulling cards, and voila, that’s MY personal path to manifesting.

Your path might look different than mine.

Maybe you love visualizing.

Maybe you’re a fan of ho’oponopono, or Access Consciousness, or EFT.

Maybe all you do is think about your goals each morning and feel how it makes you feel to achieve them.

It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it.

As long as you do SOMETHING, anything, to connect and align yourself with your goals & dreams – and you implement it consistently.

That’s it.

That’s ALL.

Stop searching for the Magic Pill, the Ancient Secret, the Thing You Don’t Know Yet.

And start using what you already KNOW works for you.


That’s the only path you need.

What do you know works for you,?

And are you implementing that consistently?

To being true to YOU in EVERYTHING you do,

including manifesting,

©️Brigitte van Tuijl

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