Some people LOVE to take massive action and stretch themselves daily.

They have adrenalin for breakfast and need Big Thrills on a regular basis.

And they LOVE to push themselves, step out of their comfort zone always, and thrive on Being Active All Day Long.


That’s absolutely perfect – for those who are BUILT and WIRED like that.

And it’s absolutely disastrous for people who aren’t.

For people like me.


I’m a lazy manifestor.

I like an easy-going, simple life.

I like going with the flow.

I like to NOT stretch myself all the time.


I like to take massive action….sometimes. When it feels inspired.

But in general?

God, no.


I’ll take peace and quiet over massive movement every day.

I like doing nothing.

And I like being lazy.


I like to grow my business, my impact, and my income – AS A RESULT of being easy-going and lazy.

AND that’s exactly how I’m doing it!

I’m a lazy achiever.

And I’m proud to be one.


I’m sharing this with you because being lazy is frowned upon, and taking action and working hard is the norm – and people who like to grow their business differently feel constant pressure to conform to that norm.

I constantly see in my clients that they worry if they’re doing enough; if they’re working hard enough; and if they’re really allowed to receive more (money, joy or results) if they don’t also WORK HARD and struggle a bit for it.

And it took me quite some time to unlearn that conditioning as well!


You don’t have to look far to find examples of people who work their ass off to achieve their goals.

But finding examples of people who are lazy AND ambitious AND have big dreams AND are easy-going AND manage to combine all of those things?

That’s A LOT harder.


Even lots of law of attraction coaches, who preach that results don’t come from your actions but are attracted to you as a result of your vibration, STILL either take MASSIVE action themselves, OR they preach that yes, working with energy and tending to your vibe is all good and well, but hey, getting shit done STILL requires massive action.

You can’t just sit around and wait for success to just ring your doorbell, right?!



Here’s the thing.

The BEST way to manifest whatever you want, is to manifest it in YOUR OWN WAY.

Is to HONOR how you’re WIRED.

Is to ONLY follow advice or ‘rules’ if they FULLY resonate with YOU.

Is to act in line with your PERSONALITY AND YOUR SOUL.


Is to ONLY strive for what YOU want – not for what you think others want you to want or expect you to want or you’re supposed to want.

Is to decide for yourself what you want, HOW you want to achieve that, and to act accordingly.


No, I don’t believe that NO action at ALL is required to get anything done.



Inspired actions are ALL it takes to get your desired results.

Inspired actions are actions that you’re naturally drawn to, or feel nudged to do from the inside out.

As opposed to actions that come from your rational mind (and often come from fear, scarcity or lack) that you have to PUSH and FORCE yourself to take.


For some, taking inspired actions means that they’re super active and doing lots of things all the time.

For others, taking inspired actions means they seem pretty lazy on the outside, and they spend lots of time napping/walking/relaxing/reading books or things like that.


The ONLY reasons people take MASSIVE action to get (massive or any) results, are these:

#1They believe that’s just how it works, so they constantly push themselves to take actions regardless of whether or not they feel like it, (because they’re scared they won’t get the results they want if they don’t kick themselves in the ass every day)


#2They’re wired that way. Sitting still makes them unhappy. They thrive on being super active all the time.


If that’s you?

Go for it.

But if it’s not?



You CAN be lazy and STILL get loads of shit done.

You CAN be lazy AND super driven & ambitious at the same time.

I’m living proof of that.


Be true to YOU.

Don’t adjust to other people’s ways of doing things, UNLESS that suits you perfectly, too.

And don’t be ashamed to be who you are and to love what you love.


I love being lazy.

I love an easy going, simple life.

I love to get shit done the lazy way.

And if you do, too?

Go for it.

You have my permission.

Now all you need is yours 😉


To being YOU, baby!

Whether that means you’re super active and always ON –

or easy-going and lazy as fuck 😉

It’s all good.


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

In February 2022 I recorded a podcast about being lazy with the title:

I’m lazy and I love it!

You can listen to that podcast here. 

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