Your words create your world.

They’re not just tools of creation, they’re at the very CORE of everything you create.

The words you use show you exactly what you believe is possible for you or at all.


Your words determine what you focus on, either consciously or unconsciously.

And what you focus on, expands. What you focus on, is what you’ll see and experience more of.

Your words shape your reality in each moment.

Your words have POWER, baby. SO much more power than you think.

Changing your words changes EVERYTHING.


I’m playing with this myself, as well.

I thought I was already pretty aware of the power of words, and doing a great job using only words that help me create more of what I choose.

Well….I recently noticed I still have more to win in that area 

Which is great, by the way: it helps me manifest more consciously and with more ease.


Here’s how I noticed:

I wanted to describe something that, previously, I would have described as either a problem, or something I didn’t know how to handle.

I was already mindful enough of my words that I wasn’t using any of those terms.

But which ones to use instead???

Hmmm. The first 50 or so words that wanted to jump from my mouth weren’t exactly right. In the end I got impatient, and just blurted it out without overthinking it.

Which is totally fine.


Your world, of course, does not come crushing down from using just a couple of words.

It’s the words you use over and over and over that have SUPER POWER.

The words you use to describe yourself, your business, and the things that are constantly on your mind.

THOSE are the words to be extra super mindful of.

And when you change those?

Your entire world changes.


So notice what you’re constantly telling yourself.

Notice the thoughts and phrases you regularly repeat.

Really NOTICE them.

And ask yourself:

❤️What do these words confirm?

❤️What do these words create more of?

❤️How do these words make me feel?

❤️Do these words open up space to find relief, to make progress, to allow change?

❤️Or do these words close you up, and put limits on what’s possible and what can happen next?

❤️Do your words make you feel lighter or heavier?

CHANGE the negative words & phrases you repeatedly use until you feel they open you up to new possibilities, until they make you feel better, lighter, filled with curiosity and hope.






🌀So no longer say that you can’t afford something – say that you choose to invest your money in something else instead.

🌀No longer wonder why you still haven’t achieved X yet – and ask what will help you allow it into your experience instead.

🌀Stop saying that you don’t know what to do – and say that you’re open to receive the perfect solution instead.

🌀Stop saying you’re not worthy, you’re not good enough, that you should be better, do better or know better – say that you’re a spark of the divine, capable of much more than you’re currently aware of, and curious to see what’s possible for you next.

🌀🌀And above all, STOP asking yourself what the fuck is wrong with you – and ask yourself what’s right about you instead.

In fact: delete the what’s-wrong-with-me-question ONCE AND FOR ALL.

You always find what you look for. So when you ask what’s wrong? You WILL find something wrong.

When the TRUTH is that there is NOTHING wrong with you, ever, at all.

You can make a mistake or do something that, in retrospect, may not have been the smartest move available to you. So what? That still does not make you wrong as a person.


What is it you tell yourself over and over?

And what will you tell yourself instead from now on?

In the words of Florence Scovel Shinn’s title of one of her books:

Your word is your wand.

“Your word is your wand filled with magic and power.”

Use them accordingly.


©️Brigitte van Tuijl


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