I love writing sales pages. Except for when I’m actually writing one.

At some point, I get in the flow of it. From that moment on, I love it.

But until I reach that point? I kinda hate it.

Last week, I was in that pre-flow stage and all I could think was:


After writing dozens and dozens and DOZENS of sales pages I STILL have to muddle through that first stage where I think that EVERYTHING sucks: the program itself; the copy I wrote so far; ALL the ideas that made me happy at first?




Here’s how I’m making it easy to move through this first phase – maybe you can use these tips, too, if you’re working on your own project and are in this same omg-this-bloody-sucks!-phase:

#1. I don’t make a big deal of it.

Yeah, here we are again, and yeah, I COULD say it sucks OR I can say:


So there you go:


#2. I remind myself I’m only writing a first draft.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like yet.

I can edit and rewrite later.

As often and as much as I want.

Right now, it’s only a first draft.

#3. I remind myself everything always works out for me.

Including writing sales pages.

If I just keep putting words on paper?

It’ll turn into a sales page sooner or later.

I’ve done it dozens and dozens and dozens of times before.

And I’ll do it again now.

#4. I reconnect to my joy, my happy, my ease and my flow by:

– getting back into my heart;

– reading through my first initial notes I made when the idea for this program first showed up. (these notes are FULL of joy and life and excitement);

– and by setting an intention of how I choose to feel while writing that sales page. And to really FEEL that.

And, of course,

#5. I take a break and do something completely different, so my mind & mood settle, and I can get back to writing with fresh energy later.

Hence: I wrote this update instead of working on sales page.

So there you go, baby:

My no-fail-recipe for getting out of this-sucks! and back into flow.

cyclonecycloneBONUS TIP:

Let go of any and all expectations & attachments you’ve put on your project.

This sales page doesn’t have to be the BEST sales page this planet has EVER seen.

It’s OK if it is, but if it’s the SECOND best sales page this planet has ever seen?

That’s cool, too.

And a lot less pressure 😉

I hope these tips help you, too!

xx Brigitte

P.S.: Of course the sales page fell into place 😉

I finished it perfectly on time, and the doors to my brand-new ‘Divinely Selfish Community!’ are now open!

 Come join me now if you want to learn all about getting results and making a difference as a result of being true to YOU!


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