A couple of weeks ago I was brainstorming a list of topics to address in my brand-new program ‘Divinely Selfish Community’.

Because I just went through the new-program-creation-phase myself, the first thing I wrote down was this:


The importance of putting YOURSELF first when you create a new offer – instead of your clients.

So what does it mean to put YOU first when it comes to creating new offers?


And why is that important for you, your business AND yes, even your clients?

What it means, is that you ONLY offer what you LOVE to offer.

To ONLY work with the people you absolutely LOVE and ADORE.

And to make sure that EVERY single detail of your offer is 100% aligned with YOU.


If you don’t put yourself first, you easily drift away from yourself & your soul while creating your new offer:

  • You’re so wrapped up in thinking about your clients and what THEY want & need, that you forget about what YOU want & need.


  • You cater your offer to what you THINK they’ll be willing to pay, like or dislike, will or will not accept – and you end up with a program that OVERDELIVERS and UNDERPAYS.



Which may SEEM like a great deal for your clients – but it really does not serve them. (I’ll explain in a second.)

And let’s not forget that you ALSO get sidetracked by looking at what OTHERS do:

  • You look at other people’s pricing, and adjust your price accordingly – without really checking how that price feels to you (and without even checking if you can still make a profit at this price).


(Bad move. Other people’s prices are a reflection of their money mindset; business model; marketing strategy; self-confidence; self-worth; etc. – NOT of what customers are actually willing to pay.)


  • You look at what other people put in their programs or how they deliver their service, and you think this is how it’s done so you do it, too (without checking if this truly works for you.)


  • You look at how other people do marketing and assume that’s how YOU should do it as well (And you either do it even when it feels off; OR you don’t do it because you don’t like it. In both cases, your results will be so-so to non-existent.)



You put your own wishes, needs, wants and desires at the BOTTOM of your program-and offer-creation-list — IF you put them on that list AT ALL! 

The result?

You end up with a program /service that you don’t ab-so-lu-te-ly 100% LOVE.


Which makes it harder to promote your program– because your heart & soul aren’t in it, you have to push yourself through it on willpower alone.

You deliver a watered-down version of what you REALLY want to teach and share- and the things you REALLY want to teach and share?

Are EXACTLY the things your clients want to learn from YOU!

What YOU most love is what your CLIENTS most want & need – so if you don’t do what you most love, your clients don’t get what they TRULY want & need from you.

Your thing looks EXACTLY like everybody else’s thing. Which makes it harder to market it, sell it, attract clients for it.

You energetically close the door to more clients– because if you don’t really love your program, on some level, you also don’t really WANT to sell or deliver more of it.

You can’t and don’t give your absolute BEST –because again, if your heart and soul aren’t in it? You CANNOT truly shine.

You can even end up resenting the very people you thought you were doing it all for: your clients.

Because when you’re doing something you’re not completely in love with, give more than you get paid for, but you feel obligated to deliver it anyway because hey, you promised?

It can feel like your clients are robbing you.

Every question they ask is one question too many – aren’t you giving them EVERYTHING already? And now they want even MORE?


It COSTS you energy to deliver your service instead of GIVING you energy.

You end up feeling depleted, empty, unhappy and unfulfilled.


And your CLIENTS are NOT happy either!

Because people ALWAYS feel it when your heart isn’t in it.

They feel the difference between someone who genuinely loves their work, and someone who doesn’t. (They do. You feel it with others too, don’t you?)

They may even feel like they’re a burden to you.

And guess what the chances are of them coming back a next time?

Yeah. Not that big.


Plus, again: you can ONLY give the BEST of yourself to your clients, when your OWN wants and needs are fulfilled first.

That’s why I ONLY work with people I LOVE.

And I ONLY do what I most deeply LOVE.

Why would I spend time with people I don’t really want to be around? Or do things I don’t absolutely love?

I could have just kept my job if I didn’t care about that.


And I NEVER give my clients something I don’t WHOLEHEARTEDLY WANT to give them.

If I don’t want to give it? They don’t get it.

If they don’t like that, they’re free to find someone who DOES offer it.


I can’t and won’t be all things to all people. And neither can you. 

So why even try?

It doesn’t serve you.

It doesn’t serve your business.


And ultimately, it doesn’t serve the people you thought you were doing it for either:

Your clients.


Putting YOU first is really the BEST thing you can do for everyone involved. 

And as a result, your business thrives, too!


If you’d like to feel happier, freer, and serve your clients better, too: check if you’re REALLY only doing what you love with the people you love.

And if you need more inspiration, tips and support to continue to be true to YOU in everything you do?

My program the Divinely Selfish Community might be just what you need.

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

xx Brigitte

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