This morning I sat down to officially close the previous month, and open the new one.

That’s a journaling ritual I have where I write down things like:

What I manifested and am grateful for in the past month.

And what I look forward to manifesting in the upcoming month.


As I was doing this, I felt myself shift out of my easy zone and into my oh-shit-fuck-if-I-want-THIS-to-happen-I-need-to-get-my-ass-in-gear-NOW!-zone. 

Not helpful.

(AND not true! It’s your energy or vibration that determines your results, NOT the amount of actions you take or how hard you push yourself.)


I caught myself slipping into overwhelm, but put a STOP to it immediately.

(Which is real progress, by the way – I used to not even notice this happening, let alone shift myself out of it at all.)

The first thing I did was the very same thing I tell my clients to do when they start to worry, panic, or stress out:

Relax. Take a deep breath. Get out of my head (where fear and overwhelm live) and back into my heart (where trust and inspiration live).


And secondly, by reminding myself of a question I read in a book yesterday:


“The next time you get stressed, ask yourself, ‘How would I be doing things differently if I were willing to let this be easy?’ ……….


…….There’s always a next level of relaxation you can go to in any situation,” Mr. Everit went on. “Ask yourself what that would be, and you’ll start to go there.” “



From: How Good Can It Get? By Alan Cohen



Of course…..How would I do things differently if I were willing to let this be easy?

I wouldn’t worry about anything for starters.

I’d fully trust that everything always works out for me.

I’d remind myself that the universe has infinite ways of delivering my good to me.

And that all I have to do is keep my focus on what I want, follow my intuition, take inspired actions, and get out of my own way.


And I took it a step further after that:

Not only am I willing to let things be easy, I also CHOOSE things to be easy.

I DECIDE that they are.

Why wouldn’t I?

Why complicate things when they can be easy, too?

Even difficult things can feel easy if you don’t make a big deal of it, don’t attach stories to it that have nothing to do with it, and take it one moment at a time.

Or, in short: when I get out of my own way.


How would you do things differently if YOU let business and life be easy, too?


Are you willing to embrace more ease in your life?

Imagine how good that would feel….aaahhhhh…:-)

To more ease & relaxation,


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