Pushing and forcing yourself doesn’t work.

It might get you the results you want – but if you do, it will feel like a struggle, and there’s no space for any ease or flow.


Most of us are conditioned to believe that sometimes, you just have to buckle up and get shit done.

And that waiting until you feel like doing something, means you’ll never get anything worthwhile done.


I’m not suggesting you lean back, do nothing, and you wait until your mood is just right and all your fears & doubts have magically evaporated before you take any action.

You can wait forever until that happens.

BUT either waiting OR pushing through aren’t the only two options available to you.

There’s a third.

And that’s the best thing to do.


In general, there are only 2 reasons why you don’t feel like doing something:

Reason #1: The action you think you have to take, is either not the right thing for you to do in general, OR it’s not the right time to do it.


Reason #2: you’re resisting the action because of an underlying fear or doubt that gets triggered.


In case it’s reason #1:

Simply don’t do it. Always follow what’s right for you in this moment. That may or may not be something that seems logical or rational.

But if you feel it’s right for you? Follow it. Be true to you ALWAYS.


In case it’s reason #2:

Explore what it is you’re resisting. Question it. Be curious and open to see what’s really going on underneath the surface. Once you’re clear on that, you’ll know what to do next.


How you can tell which reason stops you in your tracks:

Ask yourself:

What would I do if I feared nothing and knew everything always works out for me?

Be honest and listen to whatever comes up.

Until you’re clear on what’s going on exactly: don’t push yourself through it.

And don’t just wait until whatever is going on magically disappears.


Choose the third option instead:

Explore what’s going on.

And act upon what you uncover – even when it feels uncomfortable or doesn’t make much sense.


To being true to YOU in everything you do,


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