Many women entrepreneurs are scared to become (more) visible.

Scared to share their opinions, to show who they truly are and to take a stand for what they believe in.

Because sometimes it feels safer to hide and play (and stay) small.


I know I felt like that for so long, and so often.

If I could have built and grown my business without ever having to be visible at all?

I would have done that.

I’ve changed my mind on it though.


It no longer scares me.

Partly because I make myself visible in ways that feel good to me, and that fit my personality and hermit-side:

In writing, mainly.

Because I LOVE writing.

You won’t, however, see a lot (or any) selfies from me.

I hate having my picture taken, even when I take it myself.

Plus, I don’t see the point of pictures of people in general – I don’t care about it, never have, and I doubt I ever will.


Which is fine, because *I* determine what I do and don’t share, how and when I share it, and what I do and don’t do when it comes to making myself visible.

(And ANYTHING else in business and life, for that matter. I’m the boss of everything in my business and life, baby. Just like YOU are in yours.)

Oddly enough I DO like doing Facebook lives, though.

In my own way, too, of course – always in black and white ’cause I think it looks good and it’s easy; I do and say whatever I feel like, look whatever I look like, and don’t bother cleaning up my office (or myself, haha!) first.

So that’s part of the reason I no longer dread being visible: I do it MY way, and don’t follow any ‘rules’ or ‘shoulds’.


The other reason is that I completely changed my mindset about it.

These questions below helped me do that.


Maybe they help and inspire you, too:

🌀What if NOT hiding is easier than hiding?

🌀What if it’s safer to shine than it is to stay small?

🌀What if it brings you extra energy to show up in your truth?


To being visible in YOUR way, and being the boss of EVERYTHING in your business & life,

xx Brigitte

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