Here’s the thing about doing business & life exactly how YOU want it, regardless of what others think of that:

Not everyone likes it. And not everyone will like you.


Here’s the thing about doing business & life the way you think you *should* do it, or how others want or expect you to do it

Not everyone likes it. And not everyone will like you.


The ONLY difference between those two options is this:

When you’re true to yourself, YOU will like you. And you’re a hell of a lot happier, more free and more fulfilled for sure!

When you’re NOT true to yourself, you’ll never feel really good about yourself. And you’re not as happy and fulfilled as you can be.


I know what I choose.

How about you


xx Brigitte



P.S.: Putting yourself first truly is the ONLY way to be happy AND of service to others at the same time. 


But even if you agree with that, it’s still often easier said than done.

 When it comes to making money, or getting clients, can you REALLY only do what feels good to you? And fuck what everyone else is doing?

Aren’t there certain rules to follow and things that just aren’t done in business?

Nope. There aren’t. You truly CAN do everything EXACTLY as YOU want it to.

And no, it’s not always easy. And yes, you sometimes need to be reminded of that over and over.

That’s what my books will help you with. (The series ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness – how to transform your life, your business & the world by putting yourself first.’) 

AND that’s why my upcoming brand-new program will help you with, too!

More on that very soon…

For now:

Keep choosing YOU, baby 😉

Be true to YOU in everything you do.

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