That everyone and their mother does something a certain way, means exactly this:

===> Nothing.<===

Or, well, OK, it COULD potentially mean this:

That doing this thing in this certain way, works.


It could, however, also mean this:

That people do exactly what others do, because they:

πŸŒ€ are too scared to try something different;

πŸŒ€ are afraid to stand out;

πŸŒ€ think others know more about this than they do;

πŸŒ€ rather follow others than come up with their own ideas;

πŸŒ€ don’t like to question the status quo: it’s always been like this, so why change it now?

πŸŒ€ fear they will fail or miss out on something if they don’t do what others do.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these reasons.

I’ve certainly done things in my business not because I necessarily wanted to, but because I doubted my own abilities as an entrepreneur.

So even though I didn’t feel like doing something, I sometimes did it anyway – because I figured that someone who made more money and had more entrepreneurial success than I did, knew better than I did.

Sounds like it makes sense, right?



If something is NOT a perfect fit for your personality and qualities, if it’s NOT aligned with your soul and your values:


It won’t work for you.

It can work for billions of people around the globe.


But if it’s not a perfect fit for YOU?



So don’t get distracted by what others do.

They may do it because it works for them – or they may be copying what others do for one of the reasons I mentioned above.

But if it’s not a perfect fit for YOU?

It won’t work for you.


Don’t focus on others.

Focus on YOU.

Get to know yourself inside and out.

Know the difference between not wanting to do something because it truly doesn’t fit you – OR if you don’t want to do it out of self-doubt or fear.

Sometimes the thing you DON’T want to do, is the exact thing you’re SUPPOSED to do.

And sometimes it’s not.


Learn to know the difference.

Learn to listen to yourself, to trust yourself, to be true to yourself, and to only do what’s best for you.


What ALL of that takes, is for YOU to focus on YOU.

Sure, learn from others, get inspired by others, and by all means, do what others do if it feels right for you, too.

But if it doesn’t?



Stop caring about what others do.

And stop caring about what you think others might think when you do this or don’t do that.

Let others do their thing.

And let yourself do your thing.

Your way is ALWAYS the best way – for YOU.


To being true to YOU in everything you do,

xx Brigitte


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