It recently looked like an unexpected financial windfall was on its way to me.


Interestingly enough, this didn’t excite or delight me.

So I immediately took some time to journal on it.


Because, when you’re not open to receive (unexpected) money, clients, miracles, healing or good things & feelings in general, guess how big the chance is you will actually get it?

Exactly. Slim to not at all


One of the major reasons people aren’t getting what they want, is that they’re not open to receive it.

I see it in my clients, and noticed it in myself again last week.


So I decided to share my notes from my own journaling exactly as I wrote them down: uncensored and completely irrational:

To help you see if you recognize something that might be blocking YOU from receiving more good, too.

To help you get clear on and let go of thoughts that no longer serve you.

And to inspire you for your own journaling.

OK, back to my uncensored journaling.


Here’s what I literally wrote down in my journal when I realized I felt weird about potentially receiving an unexpected windfall:


Why does it feel weird? Let’s see which thoughts come up.

I can’t take that!


Why not?

I just can’t!


OK. But why?

I don’t know!


OK. Let’s leave that for now. Any other thoughts that came up?

Yes! That it can’t be true!


Why not? What if it IS true? Why wouldn’t it be?

Because things like that don’t happen to me.

Small windfalls, tiny pockets of good – sure, that happens.

But something BIG?

Nah. That’s for others.


Why would that be for others and not for me?

Because bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people.

So if I want to be good people…I can’t have too many good things happen to me.


Do you REALLY believe this?

Ehm… Maybe? Yes?


OK. Let’s leave that for now, too. Let’s see if there’s anything else?


I bet it won’t work out.

So let’s not get my hopes up – it either falls through before I get it or I lose it again if I do get it.


Why? Why would it fall through?

Why am I afraid to expect something good?


Well, when I expect something and it doesn’t happen, I will be SO disappointed and hurt.

If I don’t expect it, I can’t lose anything.

And, even better:

When I expect the worst, I’m prepared for the loss.

Or better yet: I will have prevented myself from loss and pain.


Seriously??? OMG! Do I REALLY believe this?


It makes no sense when I write this down.

But I still don’t feel excited about the idea of maybe receiving a financial windfall.

Not getting it, fine.

But getting it?

That still feels weird.


OK. So what else comes up?

I suddenly realize that it feels weird because it’s a financial windfall.

It specifically has to do with money.


Here are some other thoughts that swirl around in my mind:


  • You’re only allowed to receive money in exchange for hard, honest work;


  • Financial windfalls are unethical;


  • Financial windfalls ONLY happen for assholes, for greedy fuckers who are dishonest, bad people who destroy the planet and fuck up everything for everyone just to get their greedy fucking paws on even more money!


  • It’s not fair to receive more money when you already have enough to survive;


  • It’s not fair towards those billions of piss poor people all over the world and in my own country that I would get richer when they don’t even have money for food.



WOW! I thought I’d shifted those limiting beliefs a looooong, long time ago!

Apparently not completely 😉


 OK. This feels good. This I can shift:


Because I don’t believe it’s unethical to receive more money.


Here’s what I DO believe:


The more money I have, the more good I can do in the world.


Money doesn’t define who I am: I define who I am.


The more money I have, the more impact my financial choices have.


I decide what I choose to contribute to in this world, and I can spend, save and invest my money accordingly.


I’m a responsible, honest steward for money and use my money as a force of GOOD, love and light in this world!


And that final part of my journaling shifted my entire energy:

It no longer felt weird to potentially receive this unexpected financial windfall.

I felt excited and good about it!

And I was totally unattached to receiving it (or not).


How about you?

How do you feel about unexpected money coming your way?

Or anything else you THINK you want more of?

Are you truly open to receive it?

Are you SURE?


Feel into it and take some time to explore and write about it.

When you’re willing to explore what’s going on inside you, even when it feels uncomfortable or weird shit comes up, you WILL gain powerful insights and breakthroughs.

Don’t judge yourself and don’t censor yourself.

That’s the quickest way through it.


To clarity and endless good coming your way!




P.S.: No, I didn’t receive that financial windfall after all. Which is totally fine.

AND I’m still completely willing to receive all kinds of unexpected good to flow into my business and life! 😉 


P.P.S.: Want to open up to receive more?

You can, you know!

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#2 Stop over-giving

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#3 Open up to receive more.

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