Last week, I closed my Pinterest account.

Today, I closed my LinkedIn account.

And the jury is still out on Twitter 😉


Here’s why:

I NEVER liked Pinterest. I know tons of people love it, and it can be really good for business, but I. just. cannot. be. arsed. with. it.

The only thing I did, was post every new blog I wrote.

That’s it.

I never checked out anyone else’s boards, or see if someone responded to my pins.

(So if you’ve posted a nice comment once and wondered why I never bothered to answer? It wasn’t you. It was me.)


And LinkedIn?

I always found that sooooo BOOOORING.

All I did was post my blogs – and every now and then I checked if someone responded.

LinkedIn can be really good for business, too. Yeah. Whatever. I just don’t like it.


So why did I create these accounts to begin with?

For the exact same reasons I ever did anything that wasn’t fully aligned with me and that I didn’t 100% LOVE:

(By the way: you may have the same reasons for doing things in your business that you don’t completely LOVE, too!)


#1 Because I was afraid I’d miss out.

I run my entire business and do ALL of my marketing online.

So I figured it was best to show up on as many Social Media platforms as I could.

I was afraid that if I didn’t make myself visible in lots of places, I wouldn’t be able to attract enough clients.


#2 Because I started my Social Media adventures waaayyyyyyy back in a time when fear of making myself visible was still a Big Thing for me.

So I wasn’t really sure if my aversion of some Social Media platforms was dictated by fear and resistance, or if it was a genuine sign that it just wasn’t my place to be.


#3 Because for years, I thought of myself as being REALLY bad at marketing and, well, everything having to do with being an entrepreneur in general.

All I had to do was look at my bank account to see proof of me being shit at it.

(Of course, NOW I know, that proves NO such thing! The only thing the current state of your bank account shows you, is your past money mindset or money vibration. That’s all.)

And because I saw myself as a crap entrepreneur, I didn’t trust myself to know what worked best for me.

If I thought someone was a better entrepreneur than I was, I listened to their advice over my own intuition.


Once I created these accounts, I held onto them, because I figured that couldn’t hurt – and might even benefit me.

Which, of course, was still more fear of missing out.


But this is what I now believe – and why I decided to close those accounts:

Firstly, if I don’t LOVE something, and it’s not 100% aligned with me, it will NOT work for me.

It will NOT get me great results.

How could it?!

Your energy trumps your actions 100% of the time.

So if my energy is mweh, my results will also be mweh.


And secondly, because I believe that genuine connection and love are more important in business and marketing than ever before.

So why would I hang onto Social Media accounts I don’t like, hardly ever visit, and never use to REALLY connect with anyone?


There’s no point in doing that.

Not for me, anyway.

If it works different for you, by all means, do it differently.


Which is what matters most anyway, isn’t it?

To be true to YOU in everything you do.

Not a little bit.

Not sometimes.

But always and completely – to the degree you’re capable of in any given moment, of course.


What are you still holding onto that you’d rather let go of?

Where are you scared of missing out, ignoring your instincts, or putting other people’s advice and expertise above your own ideas?

What are you doing in your business that you don’t absolutely LOVE?


Give yourself permission to change it or let go of it if there’s nothing you can think of that will make you LOVE it.

Life’s too short to spend it on not being yourself or selling yourself short.

To being YOU!




P.S.: I still LOVE Facebook, though!  

I’m no longer active on my personal profile, but I’m all over my business page 😉

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And I love Medium, too!

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