I’ve always known I was a late bloomer.

I somehow just knew I wouldn’t really and fully bloom until later in my life.


For a while this knowing was something neutral:

a thing I knew to be true about myself that didn’t really mean or say anything about me.

But that changed as I got older.


I started to wonder why other people found their place in life so much sooner than I did.

Why I was so different from anyone I knew.

Why my wants and needs and dreams were so different from those of others.

Why I always questioned things everyone around me seemed to accept or take for granted.

Why I always felt like I landed on the wrong planet at birth.

And why I always felt that there was so much MORE inside me waiting and wanting to be expressed – and why the fuck that wasn’t happening already!


Being a late bloomer turned from a neutral truth into a negative story about myself:

This was on ME.  It was my own fault.

I was too scared, too full of doubts, and, of course, a master at self-sabotage.


I saw others soar.

Others who weren’t NEARLY as skilled or damn good at coaching or writing as I was.

I saw people decide they wanted to write a book, and just poop the damn thing out in a weekend or a month – where I’ve been working on my second book on and off for YEARS now.

I saw myself constantly doing this, throwing it out, doing that, and throwing that out, too.

“No wonder you’re not attracting enough clients,” some business coaches told me. “You never stick to one program or offer long enough for people to learn that THAT’S what they should come to you for.”

And I started to blame myself:


What. The. Fuck. Was. WRONG. With. Me?

Because surely, something MUST be wrong.

Why can’t I just stick to ONE thing until it sticks?

Why was I constantly building momentum only to hit the brakes yet a-fucking-gain?

And why was I STILL doing that LONG after my inner blocks and fears where healed and transformed MORE than enough for me to just keep going on?

So that I could FINALLY see the REAL results AND impact I also deeply KNOW I am BORN to have?


Why was it still not happening???


I came up with all kinds of explanations, that all have some truth to it:

That I had to heal some lose threads from past lives first, before I was truly ready for THIS life.

That there was knowledge and wisdom I had to gain first.

That I had to experience ALL the ins and outs of inner blocks, fears, doubts, and insecurities, on ALL levels, so that I could expertly guide my own clients through it.

That it made me a better writer, a better coach, a better healer.

That there were dormant talents and wisdom available to me that wouldn’t be unlocked until later in life (around now, actually – when I’m almost 50.)


In short: that I wasn’t ready yet.

And I finally accepted that – a bit grudgingly at first.


Until I had a session with a powerful healer a couple of weeks ago.

At one point during the healing/reading, she told me she saw how ancient wisdom I’ve gathered in many previous lives is being unlocked for me now.

And that this process will take a little while longer until it’s ready.

“Aaahhhhh….”, I said.


“So THAT’S why my book isn’t quite finished yet:

I’ve always known the book wasn’t about the content alone, it was also – maybe even more so – about the energy underneath the words that heals and opens the women who read it.

I get it now! Part of the energy that’s meant to be in my books, is only coming through for me now!”


“Yes,” she said, “and also because the world has to be ready for it, too.



It’s also about the planetary readiness to receive this energy.”



Of course.

It’s not just ME who has to be ready.

OTHERS have to be ready for it, too.

The PLANET has to be ready for it.




No, I haven’t suddenly developed a severe case of megalomania.

And no, I also haven’t found yet another rationalization or excuse for not having finished my book yet (or haven’t achieved some other things I KNOW are meant for me.)


This is true for SO many other light workers, coaches, healers, pioneers, explorers, and world changers, too: 

It’s not just YOU who has to be ready for finally FULLY expressing what you’re born to do.

The world around you has to be ready for it, too.


The PLANET has to be ready for YOU and YOUR contribution, TOO.


I know many incredibly talented coaches, intuitives, healers, channels, and other kinds of light workers who wonder WHY it’s STILL not their time yet.

Who wonder what’s WRONG with them.

Why it’s taking so long. And if it will EVER happen.


And the answer is: YES. It will. And I believe it will happen soon. This year for sure!

Change is accelerating.

New energies are coming to this planet constantly.


New energy is being uploaded and downloaded into YOU almost constantly.

Everything that once was in the shadows, is coming to light, for it to be healed, shifted, transformed, eradicated.

In individuals, in countries, in all of humanity, and in every system and organization it’s ever built.

The old IS on its way out, and the new IS already here.


So whatever you are born and called to do, that in this very moment, is not fully blooming yet?

Keep going. Keep the faith. Keep moving on with it.

YOU are ready – or almost there.

And the world, humanity, the planet, is almost ready, too.


You can stop wondering what’s wrong with you, because the truth is, nothing is. And nothing ever was.

You just weren’t ready yet.

And the world wasn’t quite ready for you yet either.


To it finally being YOUR time now, baby!

Phew 😉


Xxx Brigitte



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