A question many women entrepreneurs regularly struggle with, is this one:

Why would people hire ME?

Because they feel they’re a newbie. Or feel there’s so much competition in their field.

This question recently came up in one of the Facebook groups I coach in.


Here’s the answer I gave her, as a reminder for you too, first name – in case you doubt this yourself sometimes:


Why people hire you? 

Because they resonate with YOU.

With your story, your personality, your soul, your vibe. 


That, at its core, is why anyone hires anyone – regardless of their experience. 

People may THINK they chose to hire a coach for a particular reason (wanting result X or resolving problem Y) – which is, of course, why they started looking for a coach in the first place.

And then there are SO many coaches / healers / mentors they can choose from. Who all offer something that they want.

And that’s where the soul/vibe/personality part comes in. 

The resonance they feel with someone is why they choose coach X over all the other coaches.

You only have to be one step ahead of the people you coach in order to be of value to them.

To them, you’re not a newbie – even if you’ve just started your biz.

Be you & show up as you & ideal clients will find you!


The resonance people feel with YOU is why they hire you.

How can you be even more true to yourself in every area of your business?

And how can you show up as your true self even more?


To being ALL of you & showing up like that,




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