Like everything else you want to achieve or manifest, attracting clients is NOT about the actions you take or how hard you work:

It’s all about your mindset and your energy.

About the stories you tell yourself, how you feel, the things you believe, and the energy that fuels the actions you take.


That’s actually the first key to attract more clients – NOW:

To realize that taking actions WITHOUT paying attention to your mindset and how you feel about them, is practically useless.

Your results will be SO much better when you pay attention to your INNER state of being before you take any OUTER actions.

AND it will be easier and more fun to take action, too!


Key #2: Clients can come to you from everywhere, all the time.

Usually, you think you know where your next client will come from:

You send an email about your workshop. You think your next client will come as a result of that. You’re launching a program, and you think your next client should come as a result of that.

Or maybe you believe that, when you’re not actively promoting something, it’s hard or impossible to get any new clients right now.

When you focus your attention on one or more ways YOU think clients can find you, you actually energetically close the door to all other potential ways clients can come to you.

The solution?

Remind yourself that clients can come from everywhere, all the time.

Invite them in energetically. Take action on any inspired actions you get – from calling a potential prospect to taking a nap and everything in between.

You don’t have to know where your next client will come from, or when it will happen. All you have to do is keep all the doors open, and follow your inspired actions.


Key #3: Don’t take action from scarcity.

Fear, doubt, neediness, attachment, wanting something to happen now, like this, or else you will fail or miss out on something or won’t be able to pay your rent….

All of these thoughts and feelings come from scarcity and lack.

If that’s how you feel when you take an action, then you will attract more of the energy you send out with that action:

More things to fear and doubt. More feelings of scarcity and lack.

When you feel tense about a get-clients-or-sales-related action: STOP.

Shift your energy FIRST.

The best way to do that?

Shift your attention from what you want to get out of your action (clients / money / opt-ins / etc.) to the value you can bring.

The difference you can make.

What you can contribute to the person reading your email or watching your livestream.

Take the action once your energy has shifted. Let go of your attachment to the result. And move on to your next inspired action.


To getting more clients,

without taking frantic action or run around like a headless chicken,





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