Here’s what most of my clients want:

To not work so hard. To feel more relaxed. To take it easier. To take more time off. To keep things simple.


Here’s what they fear:

That without working hard, you can’t get what you want. And you can’t make enough money.

That if you want more you have to work harder – so they think they have to choose between either getting what they want (as in: growing your business / having more impact / making more money), OR feel more relaxed and not work so hard.

They fear it’s not possible to take it easier, keep things simple, take more time off and feel more relaxed, AND grow their business at the same time.


And this is the truth:

How hard you work and how much money you make are NOT related.

Yes, I know, you have to DO some things to make money.

But it doesn’t have to FEEL like ‘work’.

You don’t have to work your ass off unless you want to.

And most of all:


You don’t have to fear that you won’t do anything anymore and become a lazy pig, snoozing on the couch binging Netflix all day every day, if you stop pushing yourself to GO, to DO, to ACT, to WORK.


How DOES it work?

You show up for what your SOUL wants to do, be and express in this world.

And you do THAT.

Every single day.

Every moment of every day.


How you know what that is?

You LONG for it.

You WANT it.

You FEEL like doing it.

And yes, sometimes that’s binging Netflix and drinking wine and not much else.

And that ALWAYS stops again – not because you FORCE yourself to stop doing that, but because that’s not what your SOUL wants for you day in, day out.


When you’re an entrepreneur, your soul work is expressed through your business.

And the money that comes in, comes in through your business.

All YOU have to do, is follow your inner nudges and intuition.

Your joy and your excitement.

Your desires and your dreams.


Does that mean your life is all roses, no thorns?

And you never ever have to do anything that scares you, you don’t like, or that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Of course not.


But it DOES mean that you can be COMPLELETY true to YOUR pace, your rhythm, to whatever lights you up and feeds your soul –

and to serve others, make a difference AND make money as a result of that.

Lots of money, if that’s what you choose.


And yes, you CAN do this AND feel relaxed, take (a lot) of time off, keep it simple and take it easy.

I know, we all learned that that is NOT how it works.

It’s time to unlearn that.

To trust yourself and your own inner compass.

To do the things that scare you when they feel right for you.

And to not push or force yourself – but to follow your soul every step of the way and let that pull you forward.


To growing and being and stretching and living – in your OWN way, on YOUR own terms.

Xx Brigitte

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