If you’re looking for some more journal prompts for today: here you go!

* What I TRULY want today is…(finish at least 15x)

* If I could have everything I wanted, this I what I want this year… (finish at least 50 times)

Yes, 15 and 50.

More is OK 


Why so much?

Because asking for what you want is something most women have unlearned, for all kinds of reasons.

Because even KNOWING what you want is something you lose touch with as a result of that, too.

Because if you don’t ask for / decide to have it / or even KNOW what you want, you won’t get it.

And because your TRUE desires come straight from your SOUL.


Denying yourself your true desires, is to deny your soul to express what it is BORN for.

Denying your true desires is denying your purpose.

So start wondering, feeling, wanting, asking, and giving yourself permission to receive.

Here’s to you living and expressing your soul’s truth,


xx Brigitte


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