What was your first thought when you woke up today?

Or: what have been your predominant thought(s) today?

(And maybe even lately, in general?)


Where you focused on how much you need to do, how stressed you feel, how much you need a solution for this or an answer on that?

Are you full of plans you’re not stepping into for fear of failing – or of actually succeeding?

Do you dread the day ahead of you, the actions on your to-do-list, the same old same old routine you’re going through?

Do you wish things were different, but you’re not sure where to begin?


Whatever your thoughts are focused on, is what you’ll experience more of.

Expect this to be a day like any other?

You got it.


Feel a lack of energy and dread?

Guess how you’ll feel tonight.


Feel busy and stressed out?

That’s what you’ll experience throughout the day.


Unless you shift your focus and your energy.

How you do that?

The easiest way is by changing the quality of your thoughts.

Today, instead of thinking: what do I have to do today?


Ask yourself this:

What magic can I create today?

Feel into that.

Expand on that:

How good can it get today?

I wonder what marvelous things will unfold for me today!

How much joy will I experience today?


I know I’ll have the most joyful of days today.

Because I choose it.

I decided it.

And I actively look for and open up to it.


What would you like to experience today?

And what magic will YOU create today?


To magic,

And being intentional about what you choose to experience,

Instead of letting your to-do-list run your life on autopilot,





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