“I know exactly what I DON’T want, but I’m not so sure about what I DO want.”

I can’t even tell you how often I’ve heard that since I first began working as a coach waaaaayyyyyy back in 2001.

Thousands of times. At least.

I’ve said it myself numerous times as well. Still do.


And that’s OK.

First of all, because knowing what you DON’T want is just as valuable as knowing what you DO want.

It’s a starting point.

Knowing what you don’t want helps you feel into what you DO want.


And that’s the key word:

FEEL into it.

The moment you start THINKING about it, and you start figuring it out, is the exact moment you think yourself away from it.


Knowing what you want is NOT a matter of making lists.

Of weighing pros and cons. Of taking into consideration what others do or what they expect and want YOU to do.


It’s NOT a matter of figuring out what seems logical, reasonable, doable, or achievable.

And it’s most definitely NOT a matter of ‘earning’ it, of making sure you’re deserving and worthy enough to get what you want.

But all these things DO go through your mind, consciously or unconsciously, the moment you start thinking about what you want.

And the end result is something that doesn’t excite you, because you’ve watered down your original desire so much that what’s left, doesn’t matter that much to you at all.


Which leaves you questioning if this is what you REALLY want – or not.

And you then you forget about your goals, until the next moment you start thinking about what you want all over again.


Knowing what you want is not the results of THINKING about it.

It’s about being OPEN to what your soul wants for you.

Which is, of course, what YOU want for you, at the very essence and core of your being.

Your soul has wishes and plans for you. Things she wants to experience. Things she wants to play with, wants to enjoy, wants to do and feel.


When you open up to THAT, to your soul, to its plan(s) and dream(s) for you, you know what you want.

You FEEL it.

That FEELING then translates into the vision for your life.

Into the vision for your business.

Into a knowing what you want to accomplish and contribute to.


What your soul wants to express and experience through you, IS possible for you.

It’s what lights you up.

It’s your soul’s purpose, your mission, what makes you tick, and what’s MEANT for you.

And you don’t have to figure that out.

All you have to do is open up to it.

To allow it in.

And to allow it to unfold.

When you do that, you KNOW what you want.

And you KNOW what to do.


There’s really nothing to figure out.

So don’t think about it.

But allow yourself to feel into it.


Journaling on it helps.

By finishing this sentence at least 25 times in a row in one sitting, for example:

What matters to me most in my life is……

Then, do the same thing for your business:

What matters to me most in my business is….

And finally, go through the same routine for this question:

What makes me most happy & when I feel in total flow is……


Write down whatever comes up without judging, criticizing or censoring it.

Do it multiple days in a row if necessary.

Do it every day for the rest of your life, if it feels good.

Answering questions like these is a practical way to open up to your soul.

To what you TRULY want.



Here’s to knowing what you want,

and receiving it, too!

Xx Brigitte


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