A couple of weeks ago I was feeling into my intentions for this year.

I asked myself:

What would REALLY light me up if it happened this year?

The answer instantly came up:

To 10x my income this year.


I was delighted and surprised at the same time.

This was NOT what I expected. It’s not something I strive for or am attached to.

But if it would happen?

Hell, yeah, I’d take that! That would be sooooo supercool!


A couple of hours after this intention came up, I saw a Facebook update with a link to a page to pull a card.

I was drawn to it, so I went to that page and asked this question:

What does it take for me to 10x my income this year?

The card I pulled said this:


It’s safe for me to change my mind.



I felt this was true. This is indeed the inner shift I need to make in order to 10x my income.

But what it meant exactly?

I wasn’t sure.

What am I to change my mind on?


A couple of days later I was journaling on something else, and suddenly it hit me.

This is about my deepest, core beliefs and expectations I have about myself and what’s possible for me.

This is my default state of mind:

I’ve come to believe that I can never have what I want.

I can have some of it.

I can maybe even have a lot of it.

But ALL of it?



Somehow I started to believe that I can’t have what I want.

That I’m not born for success or for greatness.

That I can only grow in little, careful steps.

So that I s.l.o.w.l.y. receive more of what I want, in very small increments.


So that whatever deity is responsible for handing out success (or joy, or love, or….fill in whatever it might be I want more of) is not alerted that this unworthy soul is getting more of what she wants, even though it’s written in The Book that she can’t!

Sooner or later said deity wakes up, of course, and notices that I’ve been getting more of what I want. And then he fumes and rages and puts a stop to this nonsense: give it back! And no more for you, you unworthy woman, you!


Don’t worry, I don’t REALLY believe there’s a deity handing out success (or money or joy or love or whatever it is I want more of), deciding on who’s worthy or not, and giving and taking as he pleases without me having any influence on it.

But I DID pick up a lot of mindset garbage along the way, and part of that garbage is DEFINITELY directly related to all kinds of crap I repeatedly heard in church and the schools I went to:

God giveth and god taketh away.

And he hears all and sees all and everything you do will be held against you either while you’re still alive or after you’re dead.

And then you either go to heaven or hell. And, of course, all humans are born as guilty sinners, nothing to be done about that.


On top of all THAT bullshit (that I never reaallllly believed, but I heard it so often in so many variations that residues of that poison seeped into my mind and apparently stayed there) came a lot of other messages that were either literally said to me or that I interpreted as:

  • I’m not good enough / not worthy to get what I want.


  • It’s not safe to get what I want (because…then you lose it again. Or something bad happens next to even out the good stuff. There’s a balance somehow, you know.)


  • Wanting more than you need is selfish and greedy and makes you a bad person.


  • I’m no genius so who am I to be so ambitious as to think I can reach millions of women worldwide, and even make a positive difference or contribute something worthwhile?! Get over yourself, you arrogant woman. THAT kind stuff is for other people, NOT for the likes of me. (Whatever that means. Like 99,9% of all this inner stuff, it turns out to be utter bullshit once you let it out in the open. Which is exactly why I’m sharing it: so you maybe recognize some of this nonsense, and can let go of it, too.)



There’s more, but it all comes down to the same thing:

I don’t believe that I can have what I want. I don’t expect to get what I want. Part of it, yes, all of it, no.


And THAT core belief, which isn’t true, is EXACTLY what I can change now.

And it is SAFE for me to change that.

The gods won’t kill me. Nothing bad will happen. There’s no reason why I would lose it all again. And even if I did, that would be OK, too: if you can manifest something once, you can manifest it twice.


It’s safe for me to change my mind and believe that:

  • I AM worthy to get what I want.


  • I CAN do and achieve anything I desire or put my mind to.


  • I AM able to manifest my purpose and my mission and whatever dream or desire or choose to manifest.


  • I AM safe, always.


  • I always have and get what I want – and more!


  • I AM born for greatness and success.


  • I AM born for more than what I currently do and have – and I CAN and WILL get it.



It’s safe for me to change my mind.

And it IS changed.

Sure, it’s a process and until it is my default state of mind, it’ll take some conscious paying attention to it. Some healing perhaps, and maybe feeling uncomfortable here and there.

That’s OK.

I don’t need this and other bullshit that’s still keeping up residency in my mind.

Out with it! It only serves to keep me feeling small and unworthy. That doesn’t serve me. That’s not freedom. That’s not living. And it’s not what I choose.


It’s safe for YOU to change YOUR mind, too.

What can you change your mind on?

What’s the core belief or set of beliefs that’s keeping YOU from getting what you want?


You can change it.

You can choose what to believe instead.

You can decide what you want.

And you can get it, too.


To letting go of what no longer serves you,


Xxx Brigitte


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