In my morning journaling, this is what came through when I started an inner conversation with my spirit guide on living a life of purpose and meaning.

I felt called to share it with you, so here it is.

May it inspire you to feel more alive each day:


If you want to live a life of meaning and purpose, if you want to feel ALIVE, you need to consciously choose it.

Life has the purpose you feel it has for you, based on what your soul decided to experience in this lifetime.


That purpose then wants to be lived and expressed.

Your soul needs that purpose to be lived and expressed so it can experience what it chose to experience.

When that happens, you feel fully alive.

You ALSO feel that aliveness when you truly LIVE in each moment:

When you’re present in each moment. When you choose, over and over, how you want to feel, who you choose to be, what you choose to focus on and give your attention to – in actions, thoughts and words.


Your purpose is lived and expressed in your life, in your work, in your business.

In the programs you deliver and the projects you take on.

In the ideas you pursue and the ones you let go.

In everything you say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to.


Your purpose is lived and expressed in every moment of every day.

And THAT is what brings meaning to your life and your business.

THAT is what makes you feel true to yourself and fully alive.

THAT is what brings you joy, fulfillment, excitement and pleasure.


This constantly requires you to CHOOSE:

What truly matters to me?

How can I express that right here, right now?

How can I add, give or find meaning in every aspect of my life?

How can I live with an open heart, an open mind, present in each moment, saturated with soul and grounded in the dirt?


For most people, that is not their default state anymore.

Growing up, it’s what we all unlearn.

We start resisting life and what we don’t want to experience.

You lose touch with your true self, feel ashamed and guilty for parts of who you are, things you believe in, or dreams that you have.


You unlearn what it’s like to be YOU: you learn to ‘behave’, to fit in, to live up to expectations of others, to not rock the boat, to avoid making others feel uncomfortable with your truth.

When you’re grown up no one has to tell you what can or can’t be done or said, what is or is not available to you, what you are and are not worthy of: you are now telling all of this to yourself.


But all your hopes are still there, and all your dreams are still there, and your soul always IS.

Denying and suppressing them has a price: you feel numb and unfulfilled.

And it takes effort – to keep those dreams down and to numb those desires and to ignore or suppress what you truly feel.

Those feelings that scream that this can’t be all there is and this is not how you’re supposed to live.

Those feelings are right. It is true. It is not:

Life is meant to be LIVED.


Your soul wants to experience what it chose to experience. And it wants to, is meant to, be expressed, through you, in every moment of every day.

LIFE ITSELF wants to live and flow to you and through you, in every moment of every day.

Stop resisting its call and its flow.

Listen to the whispers of your soul.

They are already here.

You may have suppressed that call and those whispers for so long that they faded into the background.

But they’re still here.

Even when you can’t clearly hear it.


If you want to feel fully alive again, it begins with a choice.

And a decision.

CHOOSE to feel alive.

CHOOSE to get back in touch with the deepest desires or your heart and your soul.


And DECIDE it is so.


Tune into your heart and what you want every day.

Do not give up. The answers ARE here.

Ask. Listen. Act. Repeat.

Ask. Listen. Act. Repeat.

Day in, day out.


THAT is how you live your purpose.

THAT is how you live a meaningful life.

THAT is how you live YOUR life.


So choose.






Starting NOW:

What do you want?

What do you choose?

What do you decide?


Every day.


To living the life that is YOURS to live,





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