Last Sunday, I did my 2018 oracle reading.

I don’t always do that, but this year, it felt like the perfect time for it.


I asked my soul & spirit guides to bring me messages that helped open me up to a brand-new year filled with brand new, wonderful experiences and results.

Before I started I thought I’d pick 12 cards (one for every month), but when I sat down to draw them, I felt guided to pick 13 cards: one extra card with an overarching message from my soul & spirit guides for this year.


I read all 12 cards; wrote which card I pulled for each month in my 2018 creation journal, and finally turned the 13th card.

The card itself didn’t immediately resonate with me.


Until I read what the card was about, and ONE sentence jumped out for me.

And I immediately knew THIS was the key message for me:


“Break your routine!”



I sat with it for a while, wrote it in my journal, and with every second it became clearer and clearer why this was exactly what I needed to hear now.

Like all thoughts, habits and patterns, routines can serve you OR can work against you.

I have some routines that serve me (like journaling every morning, and tuning into what wants to be expressed & created through me that day, for example.)

And I’ve developed routines that are a distraction, or no longer serve me. (like checking my email too often.)


But ALL routines, whether they serve you or not, ALSO have this downside:

They can trap you.

Keep you stuck and in the same place.

If you’re TOO set in your ways, you run the risk of going through the motions, on autopilot.

Which stifles your creativity.

Narrows your views and perspectives.


DOING the same things in the same way also keeps you THINKING and BEING the same way – which leads to creating MORE OF THE SAME:

The same kind of results.

The same kind of experiences.

The same level of joy, success, happiness, and flow.


Sometimes you’ve got to shake things up a bit.

Do things differently.

BE differently.

To make space for new and different things.


Apparently for me, it’s time to break out of my routines.

Sure, I continue to do the things that are good for me.

I don’t have to throw out what works for me.


But I can play with how or where, with what or when.

I’ll continue to journal in the morning.

But I don’t have to do it in the same spot, lighting the same candles, in the same place as I do every day.


I’ll continue to do my daily yoga.

But I can try different teachers, different types of lessons, different types of yoga.


I can try new recipes, eat vegetables I’ve never heard of, combine clothes I don’t normally combine, go out for coffee or lunch in places I’ve never visited before….

The list of ways to do something different or new each day are ENDLESS.

It’s an easy way to open up, shake things up, let in a fresh of breath air into my mind and my life – and create space for more ease, more joy, more opportunities and more success.


Sometimes BIG changes and leaps are necessary in order to create that space.

But big changes don’t depend on big leaps alone.

Seemingly small changes can move mountains, lead to massive growth and miraculous manifestations.


How you know what kind of change or leap is needed right now?

Your intuition will tell you.

Your soul will show you.

Whether it’s through an oracle reading or advice from a friend, through a coach or a channeled intuitive message: your soul ALWAYS finds a way to bring you the exact message you need now.


Maybe YOU can break some of YOUR routines as well?

Shake things up?

Make little changes, do new things or the same things in different ways every day?


Feel into it, and ask your soul if this could benefit you, too.

The answer WILL come if it hasn’t already.


To breaths of fresh air and tons of space,




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