Did you evaluate this year yet?


If you already did or plan to do that now, be mindful not to fall into this trap:

To focus on where you think you should be, instead of acknowledging and celebrating where you are.


Most people have a tendency to focus on the first. (And feel lousy as a result.)

Sure, it’s OK to look at what you didn’t do or accomplish yet – IF you use it as learning material:

What (if anything) did you resist?

What did you do that was best left undone?

What didn’t you do that might have served you if you did?


And what will you do different from now on?


But that’s usually not what you do.

Often, all you do is think that you should be further along; that you should have done more; that you should have accomplished more.

Your main focus is that where you are right now, and who you are right now, is not enough.


That sets a whole train of negative thoughts into motion: 

That you’re not worthy; that you’ll never amount to anything; that you’ll always fail no matter what you do; or whatever your inner critic tells you.


The result?

You feel like crap. Disillusioned. And any excitement you might have felt for your (new) goals and intentions, is down the drain now, too.

What’s the point if you apparently you never do enough and are never far enough along?


That’s not helpful. This is:

First, make sure you learn from whatever you think didn’t go well – if there’s anything to learn from it at all.

You can use the questions I gave you above.

Next, be OK with where you are and who you are right now:

Find at least 5 reasons that prove that who you are is enough.

And find at least 5 reasons that show you that where you are now is exactly right for you.


That proof is ALWAYS there.

You may have to dig for it.

For most people, negative thoughts are much, much easier to come up with.

Usually you don’t have to dig for those at all: your inner critic doesn’t need any encouragement to bring you down.

It keeps repeating the same old crap over and over.


But you can step out of that and train yourself to think differently.

And when you think differently?

You FEEL differently, too.


Take the time to train your mind. Just like you take the time to plan your vacation, to (re)decorate your house, or to pick the perfect outfit for a party.

Don’t be afraid of your mind or what you’ll find if you REALLY tune in to whatever is going on underneath the surface.

It may feel uncomfortable for a moment – but it’s SOOOOO worth it.

And don’t forget to celebrate yourself & wherever you are and whatever you’ve accomplished this year – no matter how small it seems to be.

Regardless of your results:

You are enough.

You are good enough.

You are worthy.


Happy journaling & exploring!




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