I wrapped up 2017 this week.

The good, the bad, the magical, the wonderful: I looked at it all.


I’m not normally someone who looks back a lot.

But at the end of the year, I like doing that.

To see how far I’ve come. What kind of year it was. What I learned and take with me into the new year. And what I let go and leave behind me.


If I had to narrow this year down to ONE word, it’s ‘preparation’.

Preparation for growth in 2018.

It feels like it’s going to be a big year.

Not just for me.

In general.

It feels exciting and fun!


New results need one important thing, though:

A new you.

Your old mindset, energy, beingness, actions and habits brought you where you are today.

If you want something different, you need to BE different first:

You need to let go of what no longer serves you.

And embrace a new way of being, thinking and acting.


In looking back and reflecting on this past year, it became pretty clear what I am ready to let go of on an even deeper level (it’s not the first time I’ve shifted and grown in these areas):


#1 Making myself smaller in order to feel safe.

I’ve already changed and grown so much in this area. And still…I notice it’s part of my habits and patterns.

I sometimes read what other people write, and think: wow! I wouldn’t have the courage to say that or do that or take a stand like that!

It’s not that I’m hiding.

But a part of me still sometimes censors what I say, how I say it, to whom I say it, or if I say it at all.

A part of me always doubts if I’m good enough, if I do enough, if I am enough.

Or worries that I’m too much, that happens, too.


A part of me still fears there are negative consequences to being exactly who I am. To being ALL that I am.

And so a part of me still plays it safe and dims her light.

No more, baby.

Fuck that once and for all.



#2 Lowering my expectations.

Deep down, I don’t expect to get what I want. I expect to not get it all, or to get (way) less than what I want.

That influences my actions, too.

Some things I don’t even try: if I already know I won’t get it, why even bother with it to begin with?

I expect to fail, to not get all of what I want, to not ask or expect for too much because it simply won’t happen.


That’s my default state.

My automatic beliefs I fall back on if I don’t consciously monitor my thoughts and consciously change those beliefs.


What I DON’T expect, what is NOT my default state YET, is this:

That everything always works out for me.

That I always get everything I want.

That I always receive the best possible outcome.

That I get what I want, with ease and joy.

And that I don’t just reach my goals, but that I easily SURPASS them, too.

I don’t expect to get something even better than I imagined.


Sure, I end all my written intentions with that phrase (“This, or something better!”), but BELIEVE that is possible? Let alone EXPECT it?

Hell, no.


So that mindset AND the actions and habits that go along with it, are gone now, too.

I’ll need to consciously pay attention to my new mindset, actions and beliefs for a while, until it’s my new default state to simply be ME without holding back, and to always expect the very best and to get something even better than I can possibly imagine.

And that’s OK.

I am MORE than happy to do that.

I know that, for me, these are the two main things to pay attention to in order to receive with ease what I feel 2018 has in store for me:


Massive growth.

Not just in income and reach, but in ease, joy, flow, and happiness, too.


What part of you can you leave behind you now?

What new version of you (along with new actions and habits) do you need to embrace to get new results?

What will you let go of?

And what will you bring with you and stretch into next year?


To letting go what you are not (anymore), and embracing more of who you truly are,



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