Growing your business has nothing to do with taking massive action.

(Sure, it’s A way to grow your business.)


It has nothing to do with building clever funnels and implement the newest marketing and sales strategies.

(Sure, it helps.)


And it has nothing to do with following business building recipe X, Y or Z.

(Sure, that MIGHT work as well for you as for the person who ‘invented’ said recipe.)


But it’s NOT at the core of it.

This is:

Knowing yourself and your deepest dreams, visions and desires.

GOING for those true, soul-driven goals or intentions or whatever you choose to call them.

And doing that in ways that honor who you are, at the level of your soul.

Yes, that takes action – INSPIRED action.

Yes, funnels and marketing and sales helps.


And NONE of it will matter if your business grows and your heart & soul aren’t in it.

If it doesn’t make you happy.

And if it doesn’t pay the bills AND make your heart sing at the very same time.


What makes YOUR heart sing?

What lights up your soul?


Focus on THAT in 2018.

Build your entire business and life around that.

Day by day.

Step by step.


Your fulfillment, joy and happiness will SOAR next year.

And your results, your bank account, your whatever else you want to get out of it?

Will soar TOO.


To LIFE and being true to you, in everything you do, always,





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