Often when I’m journaling, a powerful statement flows out of my pen like magic.

I’m not making it up myself, it just flows to me and through me and ends up on the page, and I read it and think: fuck, yes. That’s exactly what I need to hear or know right now.

And often it’s the ONLY thing I need to hear or be reminded of in that particular moment.


The thing that, when I REALLY embrace it and let it sink in, answers any and all questions or uncertainties I think I have in that moment.

They all melt away by acknowledging the truth of the statement I’ve been given or channeled or downloaded or inspiration just brought me – whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same thing.

I love how, when I get out of the way and simply notice what’s going on inside me, when I tune in and am present and LISTEN, I am ALWAYS given the EXACT guidance I need in that moment.



In my journaling just now, this is the statement that came through for me now:

I choose to always trust & act upon my inner knowing, guidance, wisdom & truth.

The most significant part for me right now is this:



I already know that I CAN always trust my inner guidance.

I just don’t always do.
For various reasons, like the ones I described in yesterday’s blog. 

It’s a CHOICE. A decision.


You don’t have to know the how or the why of anything, and you don’t need to, you can simply CHOOSE to be it, do it, experience it, receive it, allow it.

When you decide, when you choose something, you tap into & unlock your inner power.

You don’t wait for something to happen, you don’t wait until you feel you’re ready or know the how or trust you’re worthy.

You don’t hope, you don’t wish, you don’t keep your fingers crossed.

You CHOOSE it.

Completely different energy.


What do YOU choose today?

What would be different in your life and your business if you choose to always trust & act upon my inner knowing, guidance, wisdom & truth?

What would you do RIGHT NOW, today, this minute, if you choose that?



Your soul knows, baby.



To trusting your soul to guide you on your path,

and bringing you flow always,


xx B


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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