Writing my first book was soooo easy:

I decided on the topic, the message, the structure, the content, and wrote the whole thing from beginning to end in 3 or 4 weeks.


Now, I’m working on my second book.

Which is the first book in the ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness’ book series.

And this time?

Writing the damn thing takes for-fucking-EVER.


I rewrote it AT LEAST 5 times already:

Once because my audience changed.

Once because the angle changed.

Once because the content changed.

Once because the structure changed.

Once because it had been so long since I last worked on it, that I didn’t feel any connection to what I previously wrote anymore.


I’ve been working on it for a couple of months (!) again now.

There’s flow.

And then…there isn’t.

Something feels off, I can’t put my finger on it, I keep writing anyhow (because I know the book unfolds as I write it – waiting until it falls into place in my mind doesn’t work. I know. I tried.), I see what was missing, I make adjustments, and….

There’s flow again.

And then….there isn’t.



Yet another thing feels slightly off, and the whole thing starts over.

I’ve changed the structure a couple of times. Took out some chapters and added new ones. Changed the angle. Changed it again.

And now, I’m confused about something in the content and structure. Again.


I know the ups and downs that go with EVERYTHING you create.

It always fluctuates somewhere between this-is-SOOO-good! and this-SOOO-sucks!

But right now, facing the umpteenth time something feels off, and I can’t put my finger on it, and I might have to rewrite the whole damn thing yet AGAIN, right now I’m in that phase where 99,9% of all creative endeavors die:

The I. HATE. THIS. SO. MUCH. – phase.



I still KNOW this book wants to be birthed through me.

I still love it – even though that love is buried quit deep right now.

It WILL fall into place and it WILL get done, though.

If only I keep going.

Which I will.


This book WILL be published.

And I will be SOOO proud when it’s done.

Regardless of what people think of it.

Regardless of how many copies I sell.


The reason I’m sharing all this this with you is two-fold:


#1: You may be in the I-hate-this-so-much!-phase right now with one of your own projects or ideas.

Maybe you’re thinking about quitting, or you’ve already thrown in the towel.

If so: please know that this phase is part of EVERY creation.

And if you just keep going, you WILL get through it.


You WILL succeed.

Whether it’s writing a book or creating a program or building your business.

The ONLY difference between those who don’t succeed and those who do, is that the latter don’t give up, ever.


If there’s still some love for your project, no matter how deep it’s buried:

Keep going!

It sucks now, but who cares?

When you see it as simply a phase that WILL pass, it’s easier already.


#2 You may look at other people and their accomplishments, and think that they have some secret for getting results or writing books or creating success that you don’t.

Or maybe you think that other people are just better or smarter or worthier than you are.


They’re not.

They just keep going, whether it’s easy or hard, whether they feel like it or not, whether they’re scared or not.



So if you’re about to quit and give up on something you deep down, still love?

Something you KNOW you want to do, something you FEEL that you’re supposed to do?

Hang in there.

This too shall pass.

It REALLY will.


Keep going.

It is SO worth it. Even when at times, it SUCKS like hell.

It’s just a phase.

It will pass.


To following your heart & never EVER giving up on anything that TRULY matters to you,




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