‘Tis the season for looking back AND looking forward again:

Looking back at this year, what you accomplished, and what’s still to be done.

Celebrating the goals you’ve achieved and the desires you manifested.

And taking stock of the goals you DIDN’T achieve and the desires you HAVEN’T manifested – yet.


If you still want these goals and desires, you can set them again for next year.

(Make sure to check if you still TRULY want them, though! Sometimes things shift or you change, and what once seemed desirable is no longer something you care for now.)

Maybe you change them a bit, or you keep them as they are.


But here’s what’s important:

To ask yourself this:

Why will it work now?

Why will next year be the year I manifest this?

What’s different next year?


And, even more important:

How are YOU different next year?

What will you DO differently?

How will you BE differently?


Think about it.

If all you do is change the year you choose to achieve your goal, your chance of accomplishing it next year is small. Very small.

Because, as the cliché says:

If you keep doing what you did, you’ll keep getting what you got.


Something has to change.

And since ALL creation starts inside YOU, something has to change in YOU first:

You need new habits, beliefs, actions, or practices.


It doesn’t have to be a big, dramatic shift.

The smallest changes can have the biggest effect sometimes.


What matters is that you shift the thing(s) that MATTER.

This usually means you have to make changes in these 3 areas:

#1: Shift something in your mindset. (Your beliefs, thoughts, stories, expectations, etc.)

#2: Shift something in your energy. (How you feel about your goal / your vibration or energy you have around your goal: the higher your energy, the easier it is to manifest something. The lower your energy, the more difficult it is. An example of high energy: joy. An example of low energy: fear.)

#3: Shift something in your actions. (A daily practice. A decision. A next and new step.)


Ask yourself this question, and your chances of achieving your goal and manifesting your desire have now increased IMMENSELY.


Why WILL it work next year?


To graceful endings and wonderful beginnings,




P.S.: It’s important to wrap this year up right. To celebrate, let go, release, learn, and honor yourself and everything you did this year.

It brings closure where needed. Helps you let go of what no longer serves you.

And opens up space for an amazing new year! 

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