You know that thing you’d do all day every day if only money was no object?

That’s the EXACT thing that, once you DO it, live it, breathe it, give time and energy and love to, will bring you EXACTLY what you now crave:

The joy.

The fulfillment.

The life lived full out (instead of with the brakes on, always waiting for that one day, some day, when you feel ready enough or saved up enough money or you finally feel the courage to do that thing you’d soooo love to do now if only money was no object.)

And it’s the EXACT thing that will also bring you the MONEY you need and want!


I can tell you THE number one reason money doesn’t flow (as in: you always feel you have to WORK and EFFORT so hard for it), and it’s this:

You’re NOT doing the thing you’d most love to do and give most of your time and love and energy to if only money was no object.


No, I’m not saying ‘follow your heart and the money will AUTOMATICALLY follow.’

It’s true, yes, but ONLY when you’re ALL IN and committed to that thing your soul is begging you do to. When you show up for it, every day, and take ALLLLLLL the steps that are yours to take.

Which is where it gets hard and difficult because doing what you love and building ALL of your business around your soul’s work?

WILL and DOES trigger your fears, your doubts, and your resistance.



Whenever one of my 1-1 clients feels stuck at anything, or when the money doesn’t flow, or a launch isn’t working out as she hoped, or she just feels meh and doesn’t know what’s wrong, 100% of the time it’s because she:


A. Is not doing what she most deeply LOVES to do.

In general, in her business.

Or in a specific situation: she wants to launch something this way (but her mind says it can’t be done like that.) She wants to write a blog about topic X (but she’s afraid to say it.)

She wants to write a book or wants to take a 5-hour long nap or do something totally fun and crazy and weird or simply do something in a way she’s never done before.

But her fears and her doubts tell her that it can’t be done like this because…..whatever.

And then she compromises and comes up with a different plan that’s all grown up and just like serious business owners do and then it just doesn’t flow and it doesn’t make her happy.




B. She IS doing what she loves to do, in the way that she loves most, and her fears kick in, and it makes her doubt herself and if she’s on the right track and now she feels like backing down and she isn’t sure what to do.

The clients who get the BEST results are the ones who keep showing up to do the REAL work of building your soul filled abundant business in a way that makes your heart sing:

They keep focusing on what they TRULY love and what they’d do if money was no object and they fully trusted everything always works out perfectly for them.

And they TAKE the ACTIONS that are aligned with that desire.

Whether it’s taking a nap or making a call or taking a scary leap or writing that blog.


What’s the thing YOU love to do most and would do all day, every day, do if money was no object and you fully trusted everything always works out perfectly for you?



THAT’S your soul work.

THAT’S your personal entrance to flow, fun, abundance and joy.

THAT’S the key to manifesting and experiencing everything you dream of.

THAT’S the key to making more money without efforting or struggling or pushing or forcing.


To doing what you love & not settling for what your fears tell you to do instead,




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