I really struggled with money – and for a long time, too!

So I know how it is to worry about money.

From feeling slightly anxious about it, to full blown sleepless nights and hardly being able to think about anything else. And everything in between.

Feeling stressed and worried sucks.

AND it completely closes you off from your creativity and intuition. You can’t come up with good ideas, and a HUGE opportunity can be right under your nose without you ever seeing it.


I’m not telling you anything new here: you already know that solutions and breakthroughs always come when you feel calm again.

Or when your attention is focused on something else.

But even when you know that: how do you calm yourself down when you’re in the middle of something stressful?


How do you stop worrying?

These tips help:


Tip #1: Breathe.

Whenever you’re stressed or feel panic, your breathing becomes shallow.

That only adds to feeling stressed. When you consciously breathe deeper and slower, you automatically feel calmer. It’s physically impossible to breathe deeply into your belly, and panic at the same time.

Try it! Take at least 7 deep belly-breaths. Breathe slower and longer in and out with every breath you take.


Tip #2: Reconnect to your power. 

When you feel worried, you disconnect from your power. Step back into it. An easy way to do that, is by changing your posture:

Sit or stand up straight. Straighten your shoulders. Lift your head a little. Put your feet firmly on the ground. Make yourself taller. Breathe more deeply. Feel yourself physically taking up more space.

You can also say something out loud like: I’ve got this!

Or: I can do anything I set my mind to!

Or anything else that makes you feel confident and powerful.


Tip #3: Be present in this moment.

You always ONLY worry about something that has already happened, or that hasn’t happened yet.

You NEVER worry about something that is going on IN THIS exact moment.

When you give your full attention to THIS moment, you always feel that in THIS moment, everything is actually OK.

Whatever you fear has not happened yet. What has already happened has already happened.

But in THIS moment? You’re fine. Your heart pumps blood through your body. You’re breathing. You’re safe.

Bring your full attention to this moment, and remind yourself that in this moment, you are actually fine.


Tip #4: Connect to Spirit.

Worries and fear come from your ego, your ‘small’ self.

Trust and faith are qualities of your higher self, soul, and spirit. (Or the universe, god, or source – whatever you prefer calling it.)

Remind yourself you’re a spark of the divine. Remind yourself you’re a soul having a human experience.

And (re)connect to your soul, to spirit, in whatever way works for you:

Praying, meditating, dancing, taking a walk, journaling.


Tip #5: Focus out.

When you’re in doubt or fear, you’re focused on yourself. Your focus is turned inward on all the turmoil going on inside you.

Focus out instead: shift your focus to your clients, and how your program or service changes their lives.

Focus on how you can help your audience today: what are they struggling with? How can you help them with that today? What can you give them?

Or focus on how you can reach more people today.

It doesn’t have to be complicated: post a tip on Social Media / write a new article / share a link to an inspiring article or video / send an uplifting email to a friend.


Use one – or all – of these tips the next time you worry about money.

(Or about anything else, for that matter. These tips help for anything you worry about.)

Once you feel calm(er), you’re open to see and receive solutions and ideas again.


To finding calm in the middle of stress,



P.S.: Finding your calm when you’re stressed out is important, and will definitely make you feel better.

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