I know you sometimes wish you were further along.

Were already ‘there’ – wherever that is.


I sometimes feel the same way, too.

And it ALWAYS makes me feel bad.

As is true for you, as well.


Thinking you should be further along doesn’t help you. At all.

It doesn’t motivate you.

It doesn’t stimulate you.

It doesn’t raise your energy and it doesn’t make you feel any better.


As Byron Katie said:

“When you argue with reality, you lose – but only 100% of the time.”



The reality is, that you are where you are.

Whether you think you should be further along or in a different place all together:

That’s simply not where you are right now.


So why fight that?

What’s the benefit of arguing with reality?

Maybe you fear that accepting where you are is the same as giving up.

Maybe you fear that if you accept where you are right now, you will always stay where you are right now.


But the truth is this:

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be – if you were meant to be someplace else, you’d be there right now.

You are exactly as far along as you ‘should’ be – and what does that even MEAN anyway?


Nothing means anything but the meaning YOU give it.

Where you are and what you’ve accomplished until now means just that:

Where you are and what you’ve accomplished until now.

It doesn’t mean ANYTHING else.


And the ONLY reason that feels painful or not good enough, is because you either fear that you’re not good enough to ever receive the things you desire,


That the things you desire will never be yours.


But the truth is, that where you are right now says NOTHING about what’s possible next.

It says nothing about what’s possible for YOU.

And it NEVER means that you’re not good enough – because you ARE good enough, exactly as you are right now.


Accept where you are AND that you want more than what you now have.

Be grateful for where you are AND still want more than that.


Stop making yourself bad or wrong about your current situation and what you’ve manifested until now.

What you have right now is only the reflection of who you WERE.

And you can’t change the past.


But you CAN change the future.

And that starts today, right here, right now.

By accepting where you are.

By not fighting what IS.

By giving all your energy and attention to where you want to be and go NEXT.

And take actions that bring you closer to that every moment, every day.

You’ve got this!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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