It’s time to take a deep breath, and JUMP into that dream, that desire, that keeps coming back, no matter how hard you try to ignore or suppress it.

It’s time.


I know you don’t feel ready.

I know it scares you shitless.

I know.


I suppressed my fair share of dreams and desires as well.


To be clear:

I’m not talking about fleeting wishes that come and go.

Those things you wish for one moment, and completely forget about the next.


No, I’m talking about the dreams your SOUL has for you.

The things you were born to experience and do.

Those dreams that are part of who you ARE.

That you always knew or deep down sensed would be yours one day.


Now is the time to stop pushing them away.

And I know you don’t feel ready – but you ARE.

How I know?


Because those deep desires (re)surface when you’re ready.

When the stars are aligned and the gods are on your side.


Burying your dreams and KEEPING them buried costs SO much more energy than jumping into them.

And the fear you feel upfront is WAAYYYYYYY bigger than the fears you feel once you took the leap.


That’s ALWAYS been true for me.

And I KNOW that’s always been true for you, too.


I was so scared to quit my job and start my business for almost 2 years.

And when I finally did, all I felt was RELIEF and SPACIOUSNESS.


I was so scared to write my first book.

And when I finally did, all I felt was JOY and SPACE.


I was so scared to let go of my Dutch business to create a new global one for a new audience, with new offerings.

And when I finally did, I SOARED like NEVER before – and my income soared with it.


I was so scared to embrace being a writer, and putting that first in my mind and my day-to-day activities.

And now that I finally did, all I feel is a DEEP SENSE of inner peace, being at home in myself, and a feeling that everything in my life and my world is exactly as it was always supposed to be.


I know about fear and resistance and worrying that you’re not ready.

Believe me, I KNOW.

I constantly fear the stupidest things, and I don’t always jump straight in!!

I procrastinate and self-sabotage just like everyone else.


But in the end, I ALWAYS honor the call of my soul.

Because the dreams and desires my soul has for me?

Are the ones I was BORN to experience.

And you can NEVER go wrong when you follow your soul.

Flow rushes in.

Miracles occur.

Space and time open up in magical ways.


Excitement, joy, and feeling ALIVE are your immediate rewards when you JUMP IN YOUR TRUE DREAM FOR REAL.


Just this morning I emailed one of my 1-1 clients:

What if you gave yourself permission to allow your dream to unfold, instead of fighting and resisting it?


I’m asking you the same thing right now:

What if you allowed your dream to unfold, and you jumped right in, instead of fighting it, suppressing it, and trying to keep it buried deep down?

What if indeed……


To your TRUE dream – and to living it full out,




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