Sometimes you need a quick cash-infusion.  

When you do, it’s easy to get stressed about money. And hard to come up with creative ideas. Money stress tends to crush your creativity, inspiration and flow.

That’s where this list comes in.

Scroll through it to see which idea resonates most with you, and implement that. Or maybe a new idea comes up that suits you better:


#1: Raise your fees / price

Offer whatever you raise your price on one final time for the old price & use a time limiter (‘price goes up on date X”)


#2: Reach out to past clients

Offer them a discount on a new program / service / VIP-day. Ask how they’re doing & offer a short phone conversation to help them move forward & see if they’re interested in working with you again.


#3: Limited offer on VIP days (in person or virtual)

Focus on a specific topic or problem you know people struggle with.


#4: Check for unpaid money


#5: Offer a discount to clients on payment plans

Do you have clients on payment plans? Offer them a discount or a special bonus if they pay the rest of their payments in full right now.


#6: Pre-sell something you haven’t created yet at a very special price

A workshop / masterclass / short online program / series of 3 calls / etc.

Keep it simple.

Pick a basic topic within your expertise you know a lot about, and can easily create content for (remember: what feels easy and simple to you, is exactly what your clients need!! If they knew everything you know AND already implement it, they wouldn’t have the problem anymore. You’re the expert, they’re not.)


#7: Have a sale


#8: Offer an extra bonus with an existing program, product or service

For example:

Offer a 1 hour private coaching session for the first x-number of people who purchase one of your products;


#9: Offer a strategy session to your list

Limit the number of spots and/or the time they are available. And create a juicy name for it that describes what people get out of it.

(For example: When I still offered free strategy sessions, I called them Free Breakthrough Session.)


#10: Ask for referrals


#11: Follow up

Follow up with all potential clients from the past half year / year. Offer them your latest program, product or service.


#12: Create a bundle 

Have more than one product or service? Create a bundle and sell at a special price.


Bonus tips:


#13: Partner with a colleague who offers something complimentary

Create a bundle of yours and their product(s). Or promote each other to your lists.


#14: Buy one get one free

Or: bring a friend for a discounted price.


#15: Free shipping

Do you have a physical product? Offer free shipping for a limited time.


#16: Close out sale

Have a product, service or program you don’t offer any longer? Offer it at a very special going-going-gone price for a limited time.


That’s exactly what I’m doing right now with my online program Money Mindset Shift – fix your finances forever. 

That program is going away forever on December 1.

If you need more than a quick cash-infusion, but are looking for a permanent shift in your finances (and want to stop worrying and stressing about money), Money Mindset Shift might be just what you need.


In 5 powerful lessons, you learn:

  • How to find & closeyour money leaks;
  • How to you break through your current income ceiling(Yes, you have one!)
  • How to create your own personal roadmap to make more money(no cookie-cutter steps here! Your steps are not the same as someone else’s);
  • Uncover & clear your money blocks;
  • And much, much more!


You also receive 3 powerful bonuses:

#1: Masterclass: Your ideal price

#2: Masterclass: How to make more money without focusing on money.

#3: Three money healings that help you clear your money blocks. (Easy to download MP3 audios. All you have to do is relax & receive, and the healings do the rest!)


Access to a closed Facebook group until January 1, where you can ask me all your questions.

All this is yours for only 297 Euros when you pay in full, or 5 monthly payments of 65 Euros each.

Check it out now if you’d like to fix your finances forever – this program is ONLY available for another week.


To your abundance,

(and feeling at peace about money)


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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