Over a decade ago I did a little money experiment:

I didn’t put ANY price on my coaching, and let my clients decide afterwards what they wanted to pay me.


The experiment failed, miserably.

As in:

The 2 clients I experimented with paid me SO little money (even though both of them got GREAT results and were super happy about the coaching!), there was NO way in hell I would ever be able to make any enough money this way.


End of experiment.

I was pissed off that it failed.

AND grateful for the experience.


Because it taught me one of the most valuable lessons on money I have learned in my entire life:

The outcome of the experiment was a direct result of my own mindset around money.


Until then, I thought I struggled with money because of other factors:

Not being good enough at marketing and sales. Not being visible enough. Being a lousy entrepreneur.

Not being smart with money. Or the economy being bad.


But now I finally realized none of that caused my issues with money.

It was my own mindset and energy around money that created this result.

I sort of realized that before.


But I didn’t want to deal with it.

I tried to avoid thinking about money by avoiding the topic of money all together.

By letting clients decide how much (or little, as it turned out) they wanted to pay.


That was the REAL reason I started the experiment.

Not because it was a perfect match to my values.

Not because I fiercely believed this was the best way to deal with money for all parties involved.


This experiment did NOT come from faith, trust, love or a mindset of abundance.

This experiment came from fear, feeling insecure and powerless, and a mindset of shortage and lack.


THAT’S why the outcome was, that I got paid a pitiful amount of money.

The amount of money I received was a perfect reflection of what I myself believed I could receive.

It was a perfect reflection of my money mindset.


That’s when I finally realized that changing your financial situation starts where ALL change and creation starts:

On the inside. With your mindset and the energy you have around money.


That’s also why I created my online program Money Mindset Shift – fix your finances forever:

To help YOU improve your financial situation by working on the core of YOUR financial issues as well:

Your mindset.


This program is one of the best I ever created.

It is going away in two weeks, on December 1.

And to make sure you can benefit from it before it disappears forever, I have made the investment INCREDIBLY low.


In 5 powerful lessons you learn:

  • How to find & close your money leaks;
  • How to you break through your current income ceiling (Yes, you have one!)
  • How to create your own personal roadmap to make more money (no cookie-cutter steps here! Your steps are not the same as someone else’s);
  • Uncover & clear your money blocks;
  • And much, much more!


You also receive 2 powerful bonuses.

Access to a closed Facebook group until January 1, where you can ask me all your questions.

AND I’m throwing in 3 bonus money healings that greatly support you in changing your money mindset & dissolving your money blocks.


I can’t make it any easier or affordable than this.

It’s up to YOU if you choose to benefit from this incredible deal and improve your finances once and for all now.

Read all about the program, the bonuses AND why it’s going even though I still love the program here.

And maybe I’ll see you in the Facebook group soon!






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