There can be many reasons why you’re not manifesting what you want (yet).

Usually there’s a very simple explanation for it, though.

But instead of addressing this first, it can be tempting to take yourself on a detour that seems like you’re working on fixing your manifesting issue, but that’s actually a form of self-sabotage that keeps you right where you are.

Like trying to overcome EVERY fear or doubt before you take further action.


Which is pointless.

You will NEVER feel completely at ease, comfortable and free from ALL fears and doubts, EVER.


Yes, healing and mindset work are necessary, and they are KEY in manifesting your desires.

But they ALWAYS go HAND IN HAND with actually taking ACTION(S).

And no matter how much mindset or healing work you do, you will STILL need to do things that feel uncomfortable or scary sometimes.


The art of manifesting is the art of not feeling quite ready yet, and moving forward anyway.

So don’t let not feeling ready stop you – you’ll NEVER feel ready.


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the CORE of most manifesting mishaps.

Usually it comes down to this:

Your actions & attitude are NOT aligned (or congruent with) your desire.

This may sound overly simplistic.


BUT when I look at all the (lack of) consistent results in my clients of myself, this is usually what causes it.

It looks something like this:


  • Wanting to be healthier (but still continue to smoke / not exercise enough / not be consistent in whatever habit or behavior you KNOW is key for you to feel and be healthier);


  • Wanting to write a book, but not actually writing it (Yes, this was me.);


  • Wanting to lose weight, but continuing to stuff your face with sugar all day every day;


  • Wanting to get a steady stream of clients, but not doing enough marketing OR not being consistent in it (sending out 3 or 4 emails for your workshop, and then feeling deflated and stop marketing because it STILL hasn’t sold out. OR only doing some marketing the moment you have something to sell – and not doing any marketing or keeping in touch when you don’t.)


  • Wanting to learn something new, like playing guitar, but not taking the time to regularly practice it.


  • Saying you want to start your own business / start working globally / find a new job / offer a new program / change your audience / whatever it is you SAY you want – and not doing ANYTHING in that direction.



You get the picture, right?

Maybe you already have a sense of areas where you SAY you want one thing, but your CONSISTENT BEHAVIOR says something completely different.


If you’re not sure (or in denial maybe?), ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly:

What is it you SAY you want?

What are you consistently DOING, BEING and/or THINKING that is completely aligned or congruent with that desire?

And what you are consistently DOING, BEING and/or THINKING that is totally NOT aligned or incongruent with that desire?


The solution is simple:

Do more of whatever is ALIGNED / CONGRUENT with your desire.

Do less of (and let go completely) of everything that is NOT aligned / incongruent with it.

Keep at it, consistently! –  until you manifest your desire.


In practice, this can be difficult or scary to do this sometimes, but this IS how it works.

It’s fine if you fall back or feel stuck along the way.

Be kind, be gentle, pick yourself up, and keep going.


Again, there can be other reasons for your lack of results, but before you get distracted by looking for whatever (else) might be off: 

Start here.

Usually, implementing the answers you find (and being consistent at it), will drastically improve your results.


Happy manifesting!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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