This was annoying the crap out of me lately:

I like to work in my living room.

Which means the dining table is filled with books, notebooks, pens, papers, and so on.

At the end of the day, I have to take it all off to make room to eat.

Which means it either ends up on a big stack on my desk in my office (and I have to carry everything back into the living room the next morning), OR I pile it up on one side of the table, which annoys me, too.


I tried to reason my irritation away. (Don’t make a big deal of it. What’s the problem anyway? Plus: this is the space you have and this is what you have to deal with until you move to a new home. Get over it.)

I tried to ignore it.


Both options didn’t help.


And if something keeps annoying you and drains your energy all the time?

You either have to make peace with it, OR handle it.

I chose the latter, and ordered this beautiful dresser:


I can put alllllllll my stuff in it, neatly organized according to my own chaotic-looking system.

PLUS: I love how it looks. I love looking at it. Every time it catches my eye, it makes me HAPPY!


I don’t know why it took me so long to do this, but hey, I took care of it now.

And it reminds me of the power AND importance of the things you surround yourself with.

The things you put up with.


How seemingly small things have a HUGE impact on your energy, how you feel, and even on how much you’re able to manifest.

Everything has its own energy and vibration, and it all affects you.

Whether you notice it all the time or every now and then:

It affects you.

It brings your energy up, down, or even takes your energy away.

Which affects how you feel.

AND which affects how much (or how easily) you can manifest and achieve.


If you want to do, be or achieve more than what you currently have, you need to upgrade and uplevel first:

You need to upgrade your INNER world —> your thoughts, beliefs, goals, dreams, intentions and expectations.

And you need to upgrade your OUTER world, too —> to look at EVERYTHING you’re now settling for or putting up with. And to replace, upgrade or renew it step by step.

The inner upleveling doesn’t take any money at all.

The outer upleveling CAN take money, and often it does, but there are plenty of things you can do that do NOT cost any money at all.


I’m upgrading all the time, and here’s what’s ALWAYS true:

Everything that feels like a stretch first, becomes your new normal quicker than you think.

And EVERY uplevel I make in my inner and/or my outer world, ALWAYS pays of:

Both in how it makes me feel. (Better, always!)

And in my results in my business. (Better, always!)


EVEN when the thing I uplevel doesn’t seem to have ANYTHING to do with my business or income, it ALWAYS positively affects it.

Because EVERYTHING is connected to EVERYTHING.

And because EVERYTHING that makes you feel better, also helps you DO better, helps you BE BETTER, and as a result, helps you manifest more and/or with more ease.


Where in your business and life are YOU settling or putting up with things?

Where and what can you upgrade and uplevel?


Start by making a list of shit you put up with.

If this is not something you regularly do, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of things you settle for.

Don’t let that deter you!

It’s there anyway, and changing it starts with being aware of it first.


Then, make a list of everything you’d like to upgrade.

Look at EVERY area of your business and life:

Your clients; partner(s); friendships; family; team members.

Your health; self-care; body-image; self-love (or lack of it).

Your furniture; computer; laptop; office supplies.

Your food; leisure time; car.

Your programs; prices; website; suppliers; software.



Then, start somewhere, ANYwhere.

You can take a leap and make a big investment at once, or start small and work your way up from there:

If it’s too much to hire a full-time assistant right now, start with delegating things for 2 hours per month.

If it’s too much to buy ALL organic groceries right now, start with one product, and keep adding on more products after that.

If you don’t have a new house yet, look at what you can do to improve the house you currently live in.


There’s ALWAYS something you can do.

What’s the first thing you stop putting up with OR will upgrade today?

And what’s next?

Think about it, feel into it, and DO it.

Keep upgrading your mind AND your circumstances step by step.

It will make all the difference in how you feel AND in your results!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: EVERYTHING you want to change, manifest or create starts on the inside. And the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be? Is on the inside, too!

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