Here’s what most women think they suck at:

Saying no.


You may think that as well.

Maybe you think you don’t know HOW to say no.

Or the thought of it makes you cringe and feel guilty.


You don’t want to offend anyone, don’t want to let anyone down, don’t want to be selfish, and don’t want to seem uncaring, unsocial or cold.

So you say YES when actually, in all honesty, you want to say NO.

You know you’d rather say no.

But it feels too hard, and anyway, you said YES already, so now you have to, but NEXT time, you’ll say no.


If only you were better at saying NO.

If only you didn’t suck at it.

But you don’t suck at it.



In fact, you are BRILLIANT at it.

You’ve said NO millions of times in your life already.

And if you’re anything like most women I know?


You say NO every day, day in day out.

By saying YES to ALL those things you’d rather say NO to, you’re saying:

NO to yourself.

NO to your dreams.

NO to your desires.

NO to what you want.

NO to what you need.

NO to your purpose, your calling, your soul work.

NO to being true to yourself.


It’s not that you need to learn to say NO. You’re a STAR at it.

It’s just that you need to learn to be more discerning in what you say NO to.

To be very aware of what it is you’re saying YES to – and what you say NO to every time you say YES.


If you want to live your purpose, honor your calling, be true to yourself AND make money doing what you love?

You MUST learn to say NO to anything (and anyone!) that takes you away from your soul, from yourself, from your path.

And to say YES, wholeheartedly, to whatever it is YOU choose to create, to whomever YOU choose to be, to however YOU choose to live.


You can’t have one without the other.

It’s impossible to say YES to your purpose, yourself, and your dreams if you’re not ALSO willing to say NO to whatever does not support that.


Thankfully, you’re already incredibly good at saying ‘no’.

All you have to do is be mindful of your ‘yesses’ and ‘nos’.

To honor the answers that come from your heart.

You ALWAYS know if you want to say YES or say NO.

All you have to do, is take a moment to listen to yourself.

To honor yourself.

To honor your path.


No, it’s not always easy.

And YES, it IS always worth it.


To saying NO to make room for more YES!!!,


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: I’m saying YES to several projects I choose to focus on now – which means I say NO to one of my programs:

Money Mindset Shift – fix your finances forever. 

Because I can only focus on so many projects at the same time. 

Right now, I’m focusing on my book (s), my readings, my online business healing program and 1-1 coaching.

I simply can’t give all my love and energy to too many projects, so something has to go.

So now – on top of 5 other programs I already ditched in August – Money Mindset Shift has to go.

Even though I still love the program.  

And even though it still offers tremendous value.

You can only get the program until December 1.

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