Last August, I ditched 5 of my programs.

I wanted to do that a while ago, but decided against it after I talked about it with my coach.

“Why would you throw them out?” she asked.

“They’re done. It doesn’t cost you any time or effort to keep them on your website.

They can still make you money. I regularly sell programs I created years ago, without doing any marketing for them!”



That made sense.

I figured there was no harm in keeping them up on my website.

Why not?

And what if I spontaneously sold one of them? That would be soooo cool!


So I decided to hang onto those programs.

It seemed like the smart thing to do.

Only…it wasn’t.


Because I forgot about one tiny detail:

This may work for others.

But it does NOT work for ME.


I’m wired differently.

Once I finished and delivered a program?

I’m DONE with it.

My energy is out of it.

I’ve moved on to something new, and whatever I created before?

No longer exists for me.

Out of sight, out of mind, out of heart.


Plus: I LOVE letting go of ‘old’ stuff.

That opens up SO much space for me!

I THRIVE in that space.


Old stuff drags me down. It drains my energy.

EVEN when it’s just sitting there, on my website.

I can feel it hanging on me, pulling me back, cluttering my energetic space, eating my joy, it’s just IN MY WAY.


This August, I did my own Soul Blueprint Reading, Clearing & Realignment, which reminded me of how I’m naturally wired AND how important it is to honor that – it’s a crucial key to manifesting what you want.

So I immediately ditched 5 of my programs – even though they’re good programs that still have value.

I just wanted to finally close that energy leak!


Now THAT was a good decision:

It felt good.

It instantly energized me.

It opened up much needed space in my head, my heart, my energy field, and my business.


It was a good decision because it’s fully aligned with ME, and with what does and does NOT work for ME.

That’s good for me.

And that’s good for my business and results.


What are you (still) doing that seems smart and works for others, but doesn’t feel 100% right for you?

Let it go.

Say NO to it.

Honor how YOU are wired.

It’s good for you, for your business, and for your results.


To honoring who you are in EVERY aspect of your business,


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: In the spirit of continuously honoring how I’m wired, I’m ditching yet another program:

 Money Mindset Shift – Fix your finances forever. 

It’s a good program and I still love the content…. but my other programs, offers AND especially my upcoming book (!!) require all of my energy and space.

I love a simple business.

And I can only focus and feel love for a handful of projects at the same time.

Sooo….Money Mindset Shift is going, too! 

Some of the results you can get from implementing what you learn in this program: 

  • It helps liberate you from ANY stress, struggle or strain you have when it comes to the topic money. 

    (Because NO amount of action will lead to lasting results if you’re internally conflicted, stressed, or blocked around money.) 

  • The lessons help you transform your relationship with money, so money can work FOR you instead of against you. 


  • It helps you clear your money blocks, so you’re open to receive more money. (instead of blocking the flow or losing it once you have it).


  • You’ll learn exactly what YOUR core cause of your financial challenge is, and I show you exactly how to create YOUR personal solution to solve it. 



This program dives in DEEP and helps you turn what you learn into practical actions & habits, so you can create REAL and LASTING change. 

And you can ONLY get it until December 1

You can read all about it here. 

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