For some reason, blogs and Social Media updates that are accompanied by a picture of yourself, reach more people than blogs without a picture.
Well, fuck me. Taking selfies and having my picture taken both score VERY high in my top-5 list of things I hate.
Plus for some reason, the moment I try and look good on a picture (yes, I’m shallow and vain like that), I end up looking like a total frozen cramped up idiot with a stupid fake smile.
I like it when people read what I write.
Yes, I love writing. And yes, even if no one would ever read a word I write I’d still write.
AND I like it even better when people read it, when it makes them think, or reflect, or it inspires or amuses them.
So if all I have to do to reach more people is to add pictures of myself to my blogs?
I say: let’s do it!
Let’s put aside my resistance and see how I can make it FUN!
And as is always the case, the moment you open up and decide to just play with it, inspiration hits, and I thought:
Why don’t I just use stills from Facebook lives and use those pictures??
I LOVE doing Facebook lives.
And because I’m in the flow and the joy of sharing whatever it is I’m sharing, and I have FUN doing Facebook lives, each video gives me dozens of funny/weird/spontaneous/and sometimes even good looking pictures.
THAT I can work with!
So, this is my experiment for the next couple of weeks:
playing with these pictures, and see if it really makes a positive difference in my reach/likes/comments etc.
As long as I enjoy it and it feels like fun, I’m happy.
And when my results improve as well? I’m even happier 🙂

How about you?

What can you experiment with to increase your reach?
What do you resist that you can open up to and even have fun with?
What if you opened your mind and just PLAYED with it?
Besides: the more fun you add to your business, the better you’ll feel in general.
You’ve got nothing to lose and soooo much to win 🙂
To fun!

© Brigitte van Tuijl

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