People sometimes look at how I do EVERYTHING in my business (and life!) in my own way, on my own terms, and how I make money doing what I love, and say:

Lucky you!

Yes, I am.


That my business is a PERFECT fit for me, is NOT a matter of dumb luck, a fluke, or something I just magically woke up to one morning.


I consciously created it.

I consciously chose it. I did WHATEVER it took to build it.

And I continuously do WHATEVER it takes to manifest and create what I CHOOSE to experience, manifest, achieve or create.

Just like YOU have the power to consciously choose and create the business and life that make YOU happy.


These are some of the necessary elements of building a business you love.

Notice which element jumps out most for you (OR triggers the most resistance), and start there.

That’s the one you need to address first:


#1 Say YES to dreams, projects, and desires that keep calling you.

Even if it makes no sense. Or it doesn’t seem to be business related. Or it won’t make you any money.

If it wasn’t for you, it wouldn’t call you.


#2 Say NO to EVERYTHING that’s not a perfect fit for you.

To things you don’t want, that don’t feel good, that aren’t aligned with you, your beliefs, your needs, your values.

To everything that doesn’t make your soul sing.

Even if you fear others won’t like or accept it (or will no longer like and accept you.)

Or if you think it’s impossible to say no to something.  Or if you feel pressured to say yes.

And even if you don’t know HOW to say no.


#3 Focus on your true desires, what you most deeply WANT your business to look like, and act accordingly, EVERY day.

Yes, that’s an ongoing process.

And NO, that does NOT mean it’s a lot of extra work.


It’s exactly the same amount of work as NOT focusing on what you most want and do things you don’t want to do:

You make decisions every day anyway.

You take actions every day anyway.

You think thoughts every day anyway.


The only difference is where your decisions, actions and thoughts lead to:

They either bring you closer to who you truly are and what you really want, or take you further away from it.

The amount of work and energy is exactly the same.

The results are WORLDS apart.

And YOU have the power to decide, in every second of every day, what you focus on and act upon.


To a business you love,


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Of course, you need to be crystal clear on what you want exactly.  

AND to regularly check to see if your desires have shifted, and a new level & new desires are calling you.

That’s why in October, the monthly topic in RISE is ALL about laying the foundation of the business you TRULY want (instead of building the business you think you can get.) 

The masterclass helps you create a crystal-clear picture of what you truly want, and helps you create the mindset that supports you in implementing that picture. 

The first healing helps you step into that next new level of your business, and leave the old behind you.

The second healing helps you to fully allow yourself to want what you want AND receive it, too!

(Because not allowing yourself this, is a HUGE block for many women.)

You can ONLY get the masterclass & healings on this topic UNTIL NOVEMBER 1!

See this on or after November 1, 2017?

Check out the new topic for the current month. That might speak to you even more ?


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