Your business is never ‘done’.

You outgrow what fits you perfectly today.

New dreams and desires emerge.

And there is ALWAYS a new level to step into, no matter how much you’ve already achieved or grown.


Sometimes, you know it’s time for change new because a new dream, project or desire comes up.

And sometimes, you know it’s time for change because you feel bored, frustrated, unfulfilled or annoyed.

That’s how I recognized it was time to make changes often.


When I was super frustrated, pissed off AND annoyed about not having enough alone time and too much interaction with people, I changed my schedule & business model so that I could grow my business while making 4 appointments per week MAXIMUM, for example.

(And now, almost 5 years later, I make even LESS appointments per week AND added one Hermit Week per month: one week without ANY appointments at all. Heaven!)


Feeing bored, frustrated, unfulfilled, pissed off, or annoyed with ANYTHING in your business, is ALWAYS a sign that something needs to change.

You probably know that.


But do you already USE this knowledge to stretch yourself, to grow your business, and to rekindle your joy?

Or do close your eyes for anything that doesn’t feel good, hoping it will go away over time?

Or only complain about it without exploring what you can do to change it?


Your boredom, frustration, and irritation are pure GOLD, though – IF you use it wisely.

Here’s how you do that:


  1. Make a list of all everything that doesn’t feel 100% good in your business.


  1. For everything you wrote down, ask yourself this:
  • What does this invite me to let go of?
  • What does this invite me to step into?
  • What dream or desire is hiding underneath, waiting for me to explore and live it?
  • What does this tell me?
  • What needs to change so I feel 100% happy and OK about this again?


  1. Implement the answers and insights you receive.



You don’t have to wait until something feels off before you can change something or step into a new dream, of course!

But if something DOES feel off right now?

Don’t ignore it.

Use it as input to make the changes your soul and your heart crave.


What feels off in your business right now?

And what does that invite you to step into?

To creating something good out of things you don’t like,


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Feeling neutral or indifferent about your business is ALSO a sign that it’s time to make changes!

 When you honor your dreams, and build your business around who you are and what makes your soul sing?

You feel alive.

You feel joy.

You feel fulfilled.

If that’s not how you feel today, ask yourself this:

Are you building the business you TRULY want?

Or the business you think you can get?  

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