Last week I woke up feeling like total crap.

I hadn’t slept well in a couple of days, and had a cold plus heavy cramps on top of that.

Nothing serious, yet enough to make me feel cranky and not very sharp and alert – something I definitely needed to feel that day, because I had several things to do that required me to be completely present and awake (in every sense of the word).



Naturally, the first thing my mind did was to start whining:

Boohoo, I feel like crap, and I’m sooooooooo tired! I have so much to do today, and I don’t feeeeeeeeel good, and whinewhinewhine yadayadayada.

Not helpful.

But I allowed myself to vent first.



And told my whiny mood to shut up:

Fuck you, tiredness and feeling like crap!

I’m going to make you my bitch instead of letting you take over!



Then, I took out my journal and started writing out how I CHOSE this day to play out.


Here are some of the empowering, mind-shifting statements I wrote down:


Because I slept and feel like crap, I’m at my absolute best today.


Because I’m so tired, I’m able to open up and be fully present in everything I do today.


I’m in the perfect state & mood to deliver the perfect reading to my client this afternoon.


My business grows, and new clients and opportunities come to me daily – regardless of how I feel or how much (or how little) I do.


Everything that needs to be done, will get done – whatever I have the time and energy for, is ALL that needs to be done by me today.


It doesn’t matter how I feel, how much or how little time I have, or how much or how little I do: I always get exactly what I need at the exact right time.




It only took me a couple of minutes to write this down, and I felt better AND more present instantly.


Did I get everything I wanted to do done that day?


Did I feel good?



Mentally, emotionally & spiritually?


Was everything that really NEEDED to get done, done?


Was it a good day?




Try this too next time you feel like crap, or feel like you don’t have enough time/money/energy/knowledge/whatever you think you lack to get what you want or need.


Here’s how:


#1: Know that YOU have the power over your thoughts. They don’t own you unless you let them.

You can either let your thoughts have their way with you, OR consciously choose to focus on different thoughts.


#2: Allow yourself to vent or whine first IF that helps you get it out of your system. And quit the moment you feel you start to wallow in it.


#3: Put your inner toddler in a corner and call forth your Inner Super Woman. She’s just as much a part of you as your inner toddler is.

And YOU decide who gets to come out and play when.

Call on your Super Power. Straighten your back. Lift your chin. Take charge.

YOU’RE the boss. NOT your emotions. NOT your thoughts. NOT anyone or anything else.



#4: Choose. Decide. How do you WANT to feel? What do you WANT to happen? How do you CHOOSE to feel? What do you CHOOSE to happen?  Write it down. As if it’s already true, already here.


#5: Keep writing until your mood shifts.


Sometimes, this isn’t enough.

If that’s the case, ask yourself what else you need

Call a friend, ask for help, and give yourself whatever you need.

Because sometimes, you just have to ride it out.


But most of the time?




Train yourself to take charge of your thoughts.

Train yourself to focus on what you DO want and what you CAN do.

You CAN, you know!

And it makes ALL the difference in how you feel and in your results.


To taking charge and acting like the conscious and powerful creator you are,


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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