People are always eager to learn how others create success:

What’s her magic pill?

How does she do it?

Hoping to find THE answer to create success, to find out the exact steps to take so that, TADA!, all of a sudden you’ll be able to create all the things you can now only dream of.


But other people’s recipes won’t EVER work for you.

The ONLY success recipe that works for you is your own.

And you already have that – without even knowing it.



Yesterday, one of the participants in Rise, my online business healing program, posted a question.

She was about to do something that scared her, something she’d done before that hadn’t worked out as well as she wanted.

She wondered how to best prepare for it so that now, her result would be better.

I gave her some tips, and today she reported back in:

It went wonderful!


I then asked her the question I always ask my clients when they report a success:

What made the difference between your previous experience and this one?

(Or: how did you manifest this?)

She wrote down what she did and how she prepared, and I responded:



“Fantastic! Print it out. It’s your personal success recipe.”


EVERYONE has her own personal success recipe.

It contains very specific steps and actions that work uniquely for YOU.

Some of it may work for others, too.

But never ALL of it.

The steps of your recipe are specific and unique for your personality, your soul, and all your wants and needs.


You already have your own success recipe now. And here’s how to uncover it:

Take a look at 1-3 of your biggest successes of the past year.

Or at that time when you manifested something so beautifully and magically that it still baffles you.

Or at a time when creating and manifesting seemed so effortless, and you achieved or surpassed goal after goal.


Write down the situation(s) in a couple of sentences, and then answer these question for every situation / success you wrote down:


  • What exactly did you do?


  • What did you let go of?


  • What did you believe?


  • What did you think about and focus on?


  • How did you feel?


  • What did you expect?


  • What did you allow?


  • What did you believe?


  • What was your attitude, your state of being?


  • Write down anything and everything you can think of that contributed to creating this success. (YES. You ALWAYS create it. It’s NEVER a coincidence or dumb luck.)



Turn this into a list of things that work(ed) for you, and there you have it: your personal success recipe.

Print it out.

Use it every time you want to manifest something.

Follow these steps every day.

See how you can step into your recipe more fully, and do more of the things that work for you on a DAILY basis.

Not just the actions, but the mindset and energy of your personal recipe, too.

It makes manifesting SO much easier.

And it FEELS good too, because it’s completely aligned with YOU.


To your success!

© Brigitte van Tuijl


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