I was writing my daily gratitude list in my journal this morning.

The first thing that came up, was how grateful I am for a program I’m currently in right now (as a participant.)

I’m so grateful for everything I’m learning, and how this not only helps me, but my clients as well.



That got me thinking about the countless people that have inspired, touched, coached, and helped heal and transform me throughout my life:

The writers who wrote books that uplifted me, inspired me to do and be different, to do and be more.

The writers who wrote books that grabbed me by the hand, pulled me into their story, their world, who left me breathless and in awe of their skill, their mastery, their art.

The writers who wrote books that made me think, pause, reflect, learn, heal, transform, or uncover a part of me I hadn’t fully seen or acknowledged before.



The artists whose art moved me, uplifted me, inspired and forever changed me.

All those thinkers and speakers and teachers and healers and coaches and artists and writers who made me feel more alive, more connected to ME, and who helped me expand who I am and what I’m capable of.



I felt SO fucking grateful for everything they brought me, ever since I was a child who could FINALLY read, and who lost and found herself in book after book after book after book.

SO grateful for the people whose work, whose words, whose BEING opened up new worlds for me, inside me, and around me.


And not for the first time, I realized, that the ONLY reason they could have EVER impacted  me, is because they were FULLY TRUE to themselves. To their art. To the expression of their soul.

They let NOTHING or NO ONE stop them from being who they are, and doing what they most deeply felt called and inspired to do.

They experienced pain and fears and doubts and setbacks and failures and loss.

And didn’t let it stop them.

They dealt with criticism and people calling them crazy or weird or too much or just ….wrong in whatever way.

And they didn’t let it stop them.


They followed their path. Were true to their soul. And BECAUSE they did that, they made an IMPACT and a DIFFERENCE.

On 1 person, dozens of people, or even millions and billions of people.


And this ONLY HAPPENED because they let NO ONE and NOTHING stop them from BEING who they are, and DOING what they felt called and inspired to do.

Whether they believed in themselves or not, felt worthy or not:

They did it anyway.


Whether they questioned if anyone was waiting for them or their work or their art: they did it anyway.


And no matter who you are or what your soul inspired work or art is:





Who you are and what you uniquely have to offer, not just in what you DO but mainly in who you ARE, is something others want. Is something other people need.

You being true to YOU inspires and impacts others.

You doing your soul’s work, the work that makes your own heart sing, inspires and impacts others.

You expressing YOUR soul in your life, your business, in everything you do, inspires and impacts others.



YES. There ARE people who want (need!) what you offer.

Don’t EVER doubt that.

And if sometimes you do?

Think about all the people who made a difference in YOUR life.

Think about all the people whose art, books, work, teachings, healing, coaching, or simply who they ARE have uplifted you, changed you, inspired you.


They made a difference for YOU because they didn’t let anything stop them from expressing who they are, and doing what they felt called to do.

Just like YOU impact others by expressing who YOU are, and doing what YOU feel called to do.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from being and doing YOU

Don’t let your own fears, your own doubts, your own not-knowing-if-people-want-what-you-have-and-will-accept-you-if-they-knew-the-real-you stop you.


There ARE people who want (need!) what you offer, whose life you positively impact simply by BEING YOU.

It doesn’t matter how many people your work and your being will make a positive difference for.


There is always AT LEAST ONE person whose life you will drastically uplift and improve:

You. And your own life.


So go, be who you are and do what you dream of.

There ARE people who want (need!) who you are and what you offer.

You yourself being one of them.

(The most important one  😉




© Brigitte van Tuijl



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