Earlier this week, one of the women in Rise asked me a question about finding your gift(s):

She wanted to know what ways I know of to get more insight in your talents and personal power.

As so often happens, my answer was LONG. (If you’re in my program Rise, you know this about me already :-))


And since SO many women have difficulty finding their talents (And owning them. And expressing them without holding back. But those topics will have to wait until another time) I decided to share my answer in this article.


This is part of my answer I posted in the Rise Facebook group: 



Here is the MOST important entrance to your talents, in my opinion:

Start with what you most LOVE to do.

The things you’d do every day or every week or in general in your business if money was no object & you feared nothing.

This shows you both your potential talent(s) and gift(s), AND your purpose.


It’s really a package deal:

What your soul yearns for; what your life purpose is; what you MOST love to do; what you’re BORN to do; what you’re capable of doing AND what your Divine Gift, the essence of your soul, the essence of who you ARE, is:



Yes, there are things you’re good at you don’t LOVE to do.

These are nice qualities to have and certainly use them, but if they don’t excite you and light you up?

Don’t build your business around it.


Yes, your core gift may need refining, you may need to learn (or unlearn) things in order to make it SHINE, but at its essence?

You already carry it within you because it’s part of who you ARE.

When you follow the things you love to do most, you’re automatically expressing your core gift.


So focus on what you LOVE.

On what lights you up when you do it.

On what comes so easily & naturally to you, that you don’t even recognize it as a talent:

You think everyone can do this.

But they can’t.

It feels like that to you because you’re BORN with it.


THAT’S why it can be hard to recognize your core gift or divine gift or soul’s essence or whatever you want to call it:

Because it’s part of who you ARE.


SO: keep focusing on what you LOVE.

On what feels natural and right for you.

On the things you feel drawn to, sometimes without understanding why.

That’s most helpful.


And finally:

Maybe my brand-new Soul Blueprint Reading, Clearing & Realignment might be something for you, too.

That gives you clarity:

  • On who you are, at a soul level;


  • On what your Divine Gift is;


  • On which blocks are in your way to fully express that gift & fully live in alignment with your soul;


  • AND those blocks are also cleared, of course.


If that sounds like something that could be interesting, you can read all about it here.


That was the answer I gave my client – and now over to you:


What is your biggest talent, your most essential gift, the thing you are BORN to do?


Remember: it MUST be something you love!

If you don’t LOVE it, it’s either NOT your Divine Gift, OR you’re not expressing it freely & fully just yet.


And if you know what it is:

Are you fully & freely expressing it in your business already?


If you don’t know OR aren’t sure if you’re fully & freely expressing it yet, ask yourself this:

What would I do all day, every day, or every week, or in my business in general, if money was no object and I feared nothing?


The answer to THAT question, contains ALL the information and answers you seek on finding your purpose, your talent, and what the business you most love look like exactly.


To your gift, and expressing it freely & fully,


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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