Last week I spent a wonderful week in Greece.

Some light rain, a lot of sun, books, food, wine, sleep.

That about sums up the whole week.

I can’t even show you any pictures, because I didn’t take any.

Never do.


When I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation.

No phone, no laptop, no nothing I can potentially check my mail on or see what’s happening on Facebook.


Totally unplugged.

For a week.


And it’s more than that:


Your mind, your soul, your whole being NEEDS to unplug from time to time.

You need to disconnect from all the busyness, the being available for anyone always (or for some people often).

You need to stop stuffing your mind with CONSTANT input:

Everything you see, read, learn, watch, absorb, take in, listen to – and on and on and on it goes, day in day out.


New ideas have NOWHERE TO LAND when you’re constantly feeding yourself input.

Especially when a lot of it is crap. (Yes. It is. Be honest now.)

Plus: crap in = crap out:

Feed your brain with second rate input and out comes second rate output.


Opportunities, inspiration, divine downloads, ideas, solutions, brainwaves, creativity:

They ALL NEED space.


That’s why you always get your best ideas when you’re in the shower.

That one moment you’re not watching/reading/listening to anything.

That one moment you let your mind wander on its own.


THOSE are the moments your ideas & insights are waiting for: that opening. That space to land in.

I know.

It’s tempting to check your mail, and then Facebook, and then your mail again.

Especially because it’s work-related, and your clients might have emailed, or a potential client might have contacted you, and it’s good to be visible and show your face and interact on Social Media every now and then.



But that doesn’t have to take you hours at a time.

You don’t have to CONSTANTLY check your phone your mail your WhatsApp your whatever else ways people can potentially reach you.


My book fell into place in Greece.

The week before I left I printed out what I’d written so far.

First draft, so lots of rewriting and editing still to be done.

But this much was clear already:

At its core, part 1 of the book was GOOD.

Part 2 and 3 however?

NOT good.


I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with it.

So I left it, stopped thinking about it, and set the intention that it would all fall into place after my vacation.

That didn’t happen.

It fell into place DURING my vacation.

On the third and fourth day, to be precise.


Why it was suddenly crystal clear?

Is because I was UNPLUGGED.

My mind wasn’t occupied with anything besides staring at the sky and the sea.

The most complicated decisions I made were whether I’d take a swim now or later.

And if I felt more like white wine than beer.


Whatever you’re creating, whatever answer you seek, whatever solution you need, whatever idea you now look for:

It’s already here.

It already exists.


It’s already alive, in some way, somewhere.

And most of the time, it’s circling around your head already.

Waiting for that opening.


You don’t have to unplug for an entire week like I did.

Create short daily moments to simply breathe, and be.


Consciously unplug daily. Weekly.

And maybe even for a whole day, a whole weekend, or a whole week (yay!) soon.

Meditate, take a walk, write in your journal, or just sit. Take the time to enjoy your cup of coffee, or tea.

Take a nap. Breathe. Just BE.



Your creativity will soar.

The answers, ideas and inspiration you seek will flow to you like never before.

Try it!

To BE-ing, instead of always DO-ing,


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: I’m going to unplug right now:

Take a shower. And then a walk.

Why don’t YOU take a moment to unplug now, too?

If only for a minute.

Think you’re too busy?

FOR SURE take time to unplug right now.

Go! 🙂

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