Do you want your business to thrive? AND make you happy?

If you do (and why wouldn’t you??), you absolutely NEED this:

To know what you TRULY want and who you TRULY are, at the level of your SOUL.

And to build your entire business around it.


That’s it.

And maybe you know this already.


But are you LIVING it?

I bet you’re not.



Because those TRUE dreams you have? That deepest calling of your soul? Those things you REALLY want to do? 

Are often the very things you shy away from.

Because you’re afraid you won’t be able to make enough money with it.

Of what you fear you have to do or who you have to become to manifest it.

Because you don’t know HOW to get there.

Because you’re afraid you’ll fail, you’re not worthy, it’s not possible, or it’s too big for you.


Because it triggers EVERY doubt & fear in EVERY nook & cranny in your ENTIRE being.


So you bury that dream.

You stop going for the business you TRULY want, and settle for the business you think you can get.

Like I’ve done myself many times before.

And like I see so many people do.


And this is even assuming that you KNOW your true dream for your business at all!

Which is NOT always the case.

Sometimes even thinking about it makes you feel queasy and uneasy, and you stop thinking any further real fast.

You try to forget about your dream, talk yourself out of it, telling yourself that this is probably just an ego thing, a passing desire, not something you REALLY want.



But your TRUE dream for your business comes straight from your SOUL.

And when you suppress it, deny it, or try to forget about it, this will ALWAYS nag at you:

You always feel like something is missing.

You never feel fully fulfilled, fully alive, fully in flow.

You keep telling yourself that maybe, some day, it will be the right day to go for it.


And it never feels quite right.

Your business never really thrives.

You never really feel happy with your business or your results.

And your dream will keep popping up until you finally honor it.

Or until it’s too late and you regret that you never even tried to do something about it.


So, if you want your business to thrive AND make you happy?

It is CRUCIAL that you honor what you REALLY want.

And then build your entire business around that, step by step, day by day.


When you do that, you’ll feel happier, more alive, and more fulfilled already – even when you’ve only just started and are nowhere near manifesting your dream yet!


Is that what you want too?


Then answer this question honestly:

What business are you currently building?

The business you TRULY want?

Or the business you think you can get?

(And if you’re already building the business you truly want, ask yourself that question, too. A NEW dream might be emerging for you now…)

To TRUE dreams, straight from your soul, and going for them, too!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Not sure what your TRUE dream for your business is?

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